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Thread: Goshimei desu! by Shinjo Mayu

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    Goshimei desu! by Shinjo Mayu

    Goshimei desu! by Shinjo Mayu
    Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
    Serialized: Jump SQ (1 volume)
    Summary and Preview:
    This volume contains 2 stories:

    Goshimei desu:
    Renjouji Kiriya holds the coveted position of the number 1 ranked host at a high-class host club "Chateau du Amour" in Tokyo. The Chateau du Amour specializes in providing the company of beautiful, cultured men to female customers. Few people know that the popular Kiriya is actually Yamada Kotarou, a boy from Nagasaki who came to Tokyo to find a way to repay his parent's debt.

    Some of the other hosts, jealous of his position, are determined to get past his perfect facade to discredit him. Kiriya will have a hard time stopping them, especially after a former customer dumps an adorable 5-year-old girl on him, claiming he is the father. The only thing that could make this situation more difficult would be the arrival of his Nagasaki girlfriend Miharu, who knows nothing of his career as a host...

    Apperu (Apple):
    Fuji Ringorou is excellent at baking, and he is the obvious choice to inherit his parents dessert shop when he grows up. However, he loves violence and fighting far more than apple pie, and wishes he could join a yakuza family!

    Karasu Kiwako is a skilled and devious gangster, who is the heiress of the powerful Karasu yakuza family. However, all she really wants to do is marry a baker and learn about cooking sweets!

    What will happen when these two mixed up people run into each other?
    Scans by Taciturnity Scans
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