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Thread: Blue Dragon and Dark crystal-Introduction

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    Blue Dragon and Dark crystal-Introduction

    Long Time Ago Seven Warrior Priests Created A huge Blue Dragon In order to Protect The world From Evil King Legasius, The blue dragon Has the power to use opponent Techniques against Them. Seven Warrior Priests Hold's one animal Spirit and One elemental Power.They declared a War on Evil King Legasius With aid of Blue Dragon. With The power of Blue Dragon and Seven priest Combined Strength Evil king doesn't Stand a Chance and he was defeated.He Return to underground and Started planning To control Blue Dragon.

    The Days and Years Eventually Passed , one day on his death bed King Legasius Called his Three sons and he asked them to take Revenge on Seven Warrior Priests, he told that all these years he created a powerful Source which can Control Blue Dragon, But it can be only Used With The death of Seven Priest's. The Three son's of King Begun to study about That evil source power, They noticed that the Evil source of Power has given some power to them so with every single death their power's increased. They Named That power as Dark Crystal.

    In order to Increase their power they started to kill every strongest person in the universe, They Became incredibly strong.

    Again Seven Priest Has decided to Use blue Dragon In order to Defeat Three son's of Evil King, But Evil King Son's are waiting for This opportunity, They formulated a plan

    The plan was that they manipulated every king in the universe and said they will leave their planets if they help in killing Seven priest's, Some king's refused and they were killed brutally in front of their People, The kings of other planets have no choice but to agree.

    Not Knowing The evil plan of Evil King Son's They teamed up with other king's and started a war against them, They were Defeated, But they refused to give up and locked blue dragon in a mountain called "Shinron" and they sacrificed there lives in front of Evil King Sons'.

    From that Day onwards Universe has fallen into Dark side, No one is there to protect people in Universe.

    But there is one truth that Evil King son's Doesn't Know that Spirits of Seven priest's are not Dead they are looking for a strong Vessel which can hold their power.

    First Warrior Priest Power---------- Animal Spirit White Tiger and Elemental Power is Wind.

    Second Warrior Priest Power----- Animal Spirit Great white Shark and Elemental Power Water and Ice

    Third Warrior Priest Power--------- Animal Spirit Pheonix and Elemental power is Fire

    Fourth Warrior Priest Power----- Animal Spirit Elephant and Elemental Power is Sand( rocks, mountain, soil, land etc)

    Fifth Warrior Priest Power------ Animal Spirit Wolf and Elemental power is Lghtning

    Sixth Warrior Priest Power----- Animal Power is Loin and Elemental Power is Fire and he also can control Mind's

    Seventh Warrior Priest Power-- Animal Power Snake and Elemental Power is Water She can also Control Nature.

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    Re: Blue Dragon and Dark crystal-Introduction

    Nice idea, but there are quite some parts, which I already heard somewhere else.
    Like having animal powers, which sounds pretty much like Power Rangers.
    And the thing with the three sons, who get more powerful, when they kill someone, sounds like Highlander.

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