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Thread: Claymore Chapter101- Wedge- Review

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    Re: Claymore Chapter101- Wedge- Review

    there's so much stuff that points to them being omniscient from chapter 1 all the way to even chapter 101, i could write a massive report on it, but that'd be way too much work beyond which i'd want to do. those two were only two small examples out of the entire manga worth of examples.


    just thought of this... and it's really suspicious....

    okay, Rubel and the two other Black Coats, along with the 3 Claymore, in Lacroa town are suppose to be looking for Renee.

    yet..... Rubel flat out shows/tells us, he already knows exactly what happened to Renee and where she is, lol. He tells Clare that Riful had captured Renee because Riful had captured/stolen their half merged bodies of Raf+Luc creation, and that Riful was trying to use Renee to awake them....

    so... WTF... was Rubel doing... pretending he was looking for Renee, along with the two other Black Coats.... lol.... when he knew all along exactly what happened to Renee, where Renee was, and heck (i'd have to go back and look to make sure) did Rubel also tell Clare where Riful was hiding at (in her forest castle to the west of Lacroa town) as well?

    Rubel... has sooooo got to be the LEADER of the Organization..... playing everyone for fools and making them all dance to his strings as the puppet master of the island.

    i mean Rubel sent Rafaela to Luciela's location... did he know that they would end up half merging? Rubel then wanted to "collect" them as half merged... but Riful came upon them first and stole them. Rubel is then seen in Locroa town... pretending to be looking for Renee, when actually he coerces Clare to either go and steal the half merged bodies of raf+luc back from riful for him, or did Rubel actually know as well that Clare would end up awaking the half merged bodies of raf+luc into the destroyer....

    how would rubel had known this??!!!!

    okay maybe he is a spy for the other side, and the other side (which includes Rubel) knows more about awakened beings. heck maybe the Destroyer type of creation IS the creation of a dragon (excluding the control of them that the other side seems to have with its dragons, that is if this other side and their dragons is actually real.... Rubel could have made this all up along with him being a "spy" for "them". actually being the LEADER of the Organization... see below).


    maybe he's the LEADER of the Organization... and at least he knows much much more about Awakening and such then the rest of the Organization, and he is trying to create his own PERSONAL ULTIMATE WEAPON to conquer the entire world, and Clare unknowingly is becoming Rubel's very own personal ultimate weapon, that the rest of the Organization is seeking...
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