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Thread: War of the Bijuu: A Tale of the Fourth Shinobi World War

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    War of the Bijuu: A Tale of the Fourth Shinobi World War

    Title: War of the Bijuu: A Tale of the Fourth Shinobi World War
    Author: SuperSaiyaMan
    Pairings: Naruto/Hinata, others planned.
    Summary: Madara declares the Fourth Shinobi World War after Pain's attack on Konoha. The Five Great Nations unite to protect Killer Bee and Naruto from Akatsuki's grasp as Akatsuki uses the Bijuu and the Minor Nations to wage war against the Five Great Nation Alliance...

    Prologue: Akatsuki has just dealt a devestating blow to Konoha, completely destroying its economy and military infrastructure. The leader of Akatsuki, Pain, was defeated by Naruto, the Jinchuuriki of Kyubi no Yoko, who confronted the man behind Pain, Nagato, and convinced him to change his ways. Nagato trusted the future to Naruto, and revived everyone he had killed in Konoha before he died from lack of chakra.

    Naruto is now returning to his home village after confronting Nagato...

    Chapter 1: The Sixth Hokage is...
    Konoha, Hokage Monument
    Naruto breathed in and out as he walked through the forests towards Konoha. He was mentally and physically exhausted after the two battles he waged this day. If it wasn't for his father, the Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato, he would have unleashed the Kyubi fully in an attempt to defeat Pain. He could still remember Hinata laying on the ground in a pool of blood...and he closed his eyes, hoping that she was okay.

    Putting his hand against the bark of a tree, he began breathing in and out, settling himself before walking forward again. His confrontation with Nagato himself was one of the toughest challenges he had ever went through. He had wanted to kill Nagato so badly, he was literally shaking when facing him. But...he couldn't do it. It wouldn't have been what Jiraiya would have wanted. Naruto had done the impossible...and managed to change Nagato's mind. Now...Nagato had entrusted the future to him...he had to find a way to bring peace to the world, even for a short time.

    ...Ero-sennin's book can change the world...but how? I find the answer... Naruto thought, setting his hand on another tree. ...the first thing I have to become Hokage. Thinking of Sasuke, he closed his eyes. ...this is more important than you, Sasuke. Though someday, I will bring you back.

    Nearly tripping, he found himself being caught and he blinked to see Kakashi and Hinata there, steadying him. "Kakashi-sensei? Hinata-chan? When..."

    "Katsuya-sama informed us that you had beaten Pain and had finished confronting the person behind Pain. She also told us you were exhausted so I let Hinata-sama here lead me to you," Kakashi said with his smiley eye. did good...

    Hinata's breath was caught in her throat as she looked at Naruto, who gave her an exhausted smile. "I'm glad you're alright, Hinata-chan."

    Hinata blushed, and she forced herself to stay conscious. "T-Thank you...Naruto-kun...thank god...thank god you're okay..."

    Naruto smiled, and Kakashi carried him the rest of the way as Hinata walked next to them. Getting through the rest of the forest, Naruto's eyes widened to see...the entirety of Konoha gathered...waiting for him.

    "Welcome back Naruto!"

    "We believed in you!"

    "You're a hero, Naruto!"

    "Welcome home!"

    "Thank you!"

    Naruto blinked as the villagers showered praise and thanks onto their new hero. "They've all...been waiting for you, Naruto."

    Kakashi thought about what Naruto said when they first met... 'My to become greater than the Hokages! I'll make everyone acknowledge my existence!' He let his student down, smiling. did magnificently...

    "Welcome home!" the crowd said again, running over to Naruto, Kakashi, and Hinata, and they began patting him on the back and congratulating him.

    "I told them everything that happened," Katsuya said, poking out of Naruto's collar.

    Quickly, Naruto was swamped by the villagers who were cheering him on.

    "What's he like?"

    "Is he hurt?!"

    "Ow! Don't shove," Naruto said, and everyone continued to swamp him.

    On top of Gamakichi's head stood Fukasaku and Shima, who were watching Naruto with pride. Sakura slowly made her way to Naruto as Hinata wiped her eye as a single tear of joy trickled down.

    "Sakura-chan..." Naruto said as his best friend came over.

    "Always so reckless, dummy!" Sakura yelled, slamming her fist into the Sage's stomach making him wheeze...then she hugged him, surprising the rest of the crowd. "Naruto...thank you..."

    Everyone smiled at that, and Sakura looked at Hinata, letting Naruto go and she walked over to the other young woman, and nudged her slightly in the Sage's direction. The Hyuga Heiress stumbled, and out of reflex, Naruto caught her and the two blinked...and the crowd began clapping and cheering. risked your life to save him...and contributed to his victory... Sakura thought, smiling as she stood next to her sensei.

    Naruto and Hinata blinked and Iruka smiled, reflecting on his former student's past; the sad, lonely boy who just wanted to be acknowledged as a great ninja...had now achieved that goal. Naruto began to be tossed in the air and caught by the crowd and he began laughing and cheering. Iruka adjusted his headband, smiling.

    On the outskirts, Zetsu looked at the scene in shock. "I never thought Pain would be defeated. We better go tell Madara...he won't be happy." With that, he sunk into the tree branch he was spying on the village on.

    In the crowd of villagers, an ANBU landed behind Nara Shikaku, the Head Jonin of Konoha. He was standing next to his old teammates, watching as the rest of the villagers celebrated Naruto's return.

    "What is it?"

    "Emergency meeting, you're to report to the Council Room immediately."

    "...already, huh?" Shikaku asked with a sigh, closing his eyes.
    Akatsuki Hideout, unknown location
    Standing in front of the still summoned Gedo Mazo statue, Zetsu was telling Madara of Pain's defeat. The true Akatsuki Leader squeezed his hand into a tight fist. He closed his permanently activated Sharingan eye as Zetsu finished.

    "So that's what happened. What are you going to do now? Oh...and Konan's not coming back."

    "...we need to find another person to sync with the Gedo Mazo..." Madara said, composing himself. "Kisame, you track down the Hachibi. I have another matter to attend to."
    After the initial celebrations died down, the citizens of Konoha started rebuilding. Akatsuki could crush their buildings, but it could not put out their Will of Fire. Tents were set up on the former battleground to house the people of the village while parties would go out to search for suitable building materials in the debris. In one of the medical tents, Tsunade was resting, her youthful appearance had faded. Sakura and Shizune were healing her, doing chakra transfusions while Naruto and Kakashi stood by.

    "...we were lucky she didn't die," Sakura said, her hand's glowing green as she began to pump her own chakra into Tsunade's body. "...and we're lucky she'll recover."

    " long'll take for her to wake up, Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked as his teammate lifted her hands off of the Hokage's chest.

    "I'm not sure...could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks...and Konoha is at a crucial juncture. We need her to wake up..." Sakura said, doing some more seals and pressing her hands down over Tsunade's chest, healing, soothing green chakra pumping back into her sensei's system.

    Kakashi nodded. "An temporary Hokage'll have to be appointed in her place then..."

    "Shikaku-san has been summoned by the Daimyo for that very reason, Kakashi," Shizune said, replacing the dishcloth that was on Tsunade's forehead with a fresh one. "I think you're going to be appointed."

    Kakashi blinked. "Me? But...I'd be terrible at the job," he then patted Naruto's back. "Naruto's more than ready, I believe."

    Naruto blinked, his jaw lowered. "Are you...are you serious Kakashi-sensei?"

    "Yes," Kakashi said, looking at his former student. "Lets face it, you're stronger than me, and you were able to beat Pain, and negotiate with the man behind Pain which lead to everyone who Pain killed being revived."

    Naruto nodded, breathing out. "...but I...well...I'm a great ninja yeah...but I don't know if I'm ready yet."

    "Not many leaders are, Naruto," Kakashi said with a smile. "But they have leadership thrust upon them."

    The Sage blinked at his sensei's vote of confidence, and he smiled, rubbing the back of his head. "Thanks, sensei."
    Fire Country Capital
    In the capital building of the Fire Country, the leaders of Konoha as well as the leaders of Fire Country had gathered. At the head was the Daimyo, the Lord of the Fire Country and one of the most powerful leaders on the continent. For Konoha's leaders, there were the three elders, Mitokada Homura, Utatane Koharu, and Shimura Danzo, as well as the ANBU General, and Head Jonin Nara Shikaku.

    "We will continue to work with the other countries to deal with the Akatsuki Threat," Homura began, folding his hands in front of him.

    "...after what's happened to the village, the Fire Country will put every resource into getting it rebuilt," the minister of the treasury stated. "First we'll have to come up with a budget...and then consider the strain on the other nations."

    "There is something else to consider first," Danzo stated, looking at the people gathered. He was keeping his eye in reserve. "Who will be the next Hokage?"

    It is coming to that...Danzo you are going to make your move aren't you? Shikaku thought.

    "Can we not wait till Tsunade-hime has recovered? According to the reports of her students, she should be better in a few weeks," the Daiymo, Lord Tokusei Ieyasu suggested. "She is still Hokage, after all."

    "My lord, Tsunade-hime is partially responsible for the village's construction," Koharu said and Shikaku sighed.

    "She is not, Koharu-sama. Pain was going to destroy the village anyway, he had to preserve his secret which our men had found out," Shikaku said, interrupting Koharu's tirade. "And if there is anyone who should fill in for Tsunade, I have two recommendations."

    "And they are, Shikaku?" Ieyasu asked.

    "Hatake Kakashi, the copy ninja and former apprentice to the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, or Uzumaki Naruto, apprentice to the late Jiraiya-sama, and the boy who saved the village from Pain," Shikaku said while folding his hands.

    Ieyasu was intrigued. "Both seem fine choices, however, isn't Naruto-san still a teenager?"

    "Yes, but he has much experience fighting Akatsuki, having encountered them several times," Shikaku replied. "And I think it should be obvious who his father is now, as well. He is Minato-sama's very son."

    That was the clencher for the Daimyo, and Danzo decided it was best not to use his trump now. The boy's inexperience will lead Konoha into ruin...I will be there to pick up the pieces, Danzo thought, and he opened his eyes. "I agree with Shikaku-san's assestment. Naruto is a fine choice."

    "Then it's decided, the Rokudaime Hokage will be Uzumaki Naruto," Ieyasu said, folding his fan up.

    To Be Continued...
    Author's Notes:
    I've had this fic stewing in my mind for a while. I know, Naruto may become Hokage too fast, but at this point...I say he has earned that seat. And like a normal human being, he'll make mistakes, but he'll grow from them.

    Next chapter: The Five Kage Summit

    Naruto: I've achieved my dream...I'm Hokage...but am I really ready for this?

    ...could I get some reviews, please?

    Chapter 2: Naruto's Hokage? Depart to the Kage Summit!
    While the heads of Konoha were at the Fire Capital deciding the next Hokage, a nearly two days had past. All around the village reconstruction was happening. Tenzo, also known as Yamato, was using his Mokuton to construct new houses two at a time. Other ninja, like Genma, Aoba, and Raido, were sifting through debris for usable lumber for standard reconstruction.

    Word had already been sent to the surrounding allied countries to send their best carpenters, their best architects, and building supplies to the village. Wave Country and Wind Country were the first to respond, their people entering Konoha through what remained of the East and South entrances. Among the carpenters from Wave Country were Inari and Tazuna, Naruto's, Sakura's, and Kakashi's old friends.

    Team Kakashi itself was helping with the reconstruction as best they could, and were helped a lot by Hinata. Naruto would use his clones to put up the 'skeleton' of a structure, Hinata would use her Byakugan to tell the clones and the Sage where to keep things still, and Sakura would use her strength to press nails in to secure the structure. Kakashi would then begin to fill the 'skeleton' out. With Naruto's help, the walls were put up on said building and secured by Sakura. Finally, after a few hours, the building was done on the outside, all that had to be done was the plumbing and wiring.

    The group took their seats near some lumber for a little break. Naruto wiped his forehead, looking at the new building they had constructed with a little pride. Like his father, the Yondaime Hokage had said, Konoha could be rebuilt. His thoughts wandered on the warning Minato had given him, the man with the mask...Uchiha Madara, known as Tobi to him.

    He remembered how he couldn't land one blow on Tobi when they encountered him before Sasuke's latest disappearance after his battle with Itachi. He just...phased right through his body. No damage whatsoever. His father thought he'd be able to get the power to bypass it using the Kyubi...he just didn't know how. defeat that man you must have a special power, Naruto... Minato had told him and Naruto closed his eyes.

    He took a seat and he stretched. "Naruto-kun...?"

    He looked up to see Hinata walking over to him. "Hey Hinata-chan...thanks for the help here. Those eyes of yours are pretty sweet," he said with a grin.

    Hinata blushed, and she fought down a stammer. "T-Thank you are you doing?"

    Naruto breathed out. "...better than I was before, thanks, Hinata-chan...and thank you for trying to save my life."

    "Y-You're welcome...Naruto-kun..." Hinata said, slowly taking a seat next to him. "'re the village hero now...Naruto-kun. You've got the recognition that you've always wanted."

    Naruto smiled. "Yeah, I have..." he leaned forward. "But...things aren't done yet. Konoha has to be rebuilt...and Akatsuki has to be defeated."

    "But with Pain dead, Naruto-kun...shouldn't Akatsuki mostly be defeated?" Hinata asked him and Naruto closed his eyes.

    "No...not even close. I don't know how many Bijuu they've taken...but it has to me most of them. Not only that...Pain wasn't the real leader...he was the front guy," Naruto breathed out. "I wanted to tell oba-chan that...but she's still unconscious after sacrificing most of her chakra to save the villagers."

    Hinata nodded slowly, and Naruto looked at her. "...did you mean what you said?"

    Hinata blinked. "What?"

    " said...that you loved me...before you attacked Pain. Did you mean it?"

    Hinata blushed, and she fidgeted a bit before she breathed out. "I meant every word, Naruto-kun. I've loved you ever since I first saw you training...way back when we were kids."

    She waited for his response, and he smiled. "...thanks for telling me, Hinata-chan...I don't know how I feel about you just yet...but..." he leaned back. "I'll figure it out...I promise to give you an answer soon, Hinata-chan."

    "Take as...long as you need Naruto-kun," Hinata said, smiling back at him.

    "Oi, Naruto!" a new voice said and Naruto looked up to see an old man with a gray bird and hair and a boy with black hair coming over. Both were wearing carpenter's uniforms.

    "Old Man Tazuna...?" Naruto asked, blinking.

    "Heh, yep..." Tazuna replied and the boy grinned.

    "Wait...Inari? Wow, you've gotten tall for a kid your age!" Naruto said with a grin and Inari smirked.

    "I bet I'm taller than you were when you were 12 Naruto!"

    "Heh...I was a shorty back then, I don't deny that," Naruto said with a grin, rubbing the back of his head.

    "Wow, whose this girl with you Naruto? She's really pretty, is she your girlfriend?" Inari asked, making both Naruto and Hinata blush. "I always thought you'd get together with that Sakura girl, but I guess she got together with Sasuke huh?"

    At the mention of Sasuke, Naruto looked down. "...Sasuke's not in Konoha anymore."

    "What?" Inari and Tazuna asked.

    "...its a long story guys..." Naruto replied, breathing out. "...and I doubt he'll want to come back."

    "Oh...we were kind of hoping to see him with you, Sakura, and Kakashi, Naruto," Tazuna said, rubbing the back of his head. "Guess things change over the years, huh?"

    Naruto nodded. "...yeah...things change a lot..."

    "...well...can we catch up later Naruto?" Inari asked, and he smirked. "Bet you have a bunch of stories!"

    "Heh...yeah, I think I do," Naruto said with a grin as he and Hinata noticed was Kiba riding Akamaru over.

    "Guys! Guys!" Kiba yelled, dashing over. "The elders are back, Shikaku is back!"

    Naruto blinked. "They are...why do you..."

    "Naruto, the Daimyo's made you the new Hokage!" Kiba said, skidding to a halt in fronto f them and Naruto and Hinata blinked, and then their jaws dropped.

    "WHAT?" Naruto asked, blinking as Kakashi and Sakura dashed over, hearing that announcement.

    "Daimyo-sama...he's made you the new Hokage in Tsunade-sama's absence!" Kiba told him, breathing in and out. "I didn't believe it either, but Shikaku gave me something to give you! Here!"

    Kiba handed Naruto a scroll, which had the Daimyo's official seal. His eyes widened, and he opened it.

    I, Uesegi Tokusei, name Uzumaki Naruto as the Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha. Depending on his performance, he may keep the position if Tsunade-hime awakens.

    Below it was the Daimyo's signature, and Naruto breathed out, and he fell on his rear. He read the message multiple times, letting it sink in. He wiped his forehead, and he looked at Hinata, then Kakashi, then Sakura, and then Inari and Tazuna.

    "...guys...I really am...Hokage..." Naruto whispered, breathing out. "...I'm Hokage..."

    "That's...that's...kami..." Sakura said, breathing out and Naruto stood up, before falling back.

    A happy smile was now on his face. "I'm Hokage...I'm Hokage!" he repeated, almost cheering. "Gaara, I've finally caught up!"
    Outskirts of Konoha
    The Kumo Envoy, which consisted of the students of Killer Bee, the Eight Tailed Jinchuuriki were walking towards Konoha after a long journey where, thanks to Karui's no-sense of direction, had gotten them lost many times. But now, thanks to Samui, team leader, they had finally gotten on track.

    Omoi gave a sigh, taking his pop out of his mouth. "...what should I do?"

    "Huh?" Karui asked, looking over to him.

    "Oh...I was just wondering what I should do..." Omoi said, putting his finger to his cheek. "If a there are a ton of cute girls in Konoha and they all fall for me."

    "Oh yeah...that'd be a problem..." Karui said sarcastically. "Why don't you just date them then? Go out with whoever asks first!"

    "...yeah, but what should I do if when I have to leave Konoha, she says she loves me so much that she can't bear to be apart? I'm scared she might want us to commit suicide together."

    "How far are you playing out these scenarios?!" Karui asked in exasperation. "We haven't even gotten to Konoha yet! You're freaking me out!"

    "Some guy who looks really hot might come onto you too," Omoi pointed out.

    "Just use the word hottie! that you mention it..." Karui said, rubbing her face and blushing slightly. "Some rich, tall, popular hottie might come onto me, you never know!"

    "Nah! You're just over thinking things, it'll never happen!" Omoi told her, scoffing at the thought.

    Karui got angry, picked up a rock. "Who are you to talk!"

    Omoi bent his entire body to dodge and the rock went into the trees. "What if that rock had hit a boulder and the boulder crumbled...and then pieces of the boulder caused another boulder to crumble...and caused a huge avalanche to bury Konoha?"

    "You're the one whose overthinking things!" Karui roared at him.

    Shortly...they're on the wall of Konoha...looking down at the massive crater. The wind whistled around them and the color on Karui's face drained.

    "No way! I didn't do it on purpose! Did that little pebble really cause all this damage!" Karui cried out, tears flowing from her 'nervous face'.

    "K-Karui...what have you done," Omoi asked.

    "Don't be ridiculous, lets go find someone to talk to," Samui ordered them.
    Naruto was getting fitted for his robes, breathing in and out nervously. He couldn't believe he was Hokage. Just two days ago, he had saved the village from Pain and was a genin, and now he was Hokage until Tsunade awakens. Kakashi watched his student be fitted for the robes, swelling with pride. His student, the Number One Unpredictable Ninja Uzumaki Naruto had been named Hokage. He wonder if this is what Jiraiya had felt when Minato became Hokage.

    "Hokage-sama," a voice said and Naruto turned to see Shizune there. "...we have visitors."

    "Visitors?" Naruto asked, blinking as a tall, busty blonde woman wearing a black t-shirt that exposed her mid drift as well as her cleavage, as well as a short skirt walked in. On her forehead was a Kumo Headband. "...can I help you?"

    "Yes, you can. My name is Samui, A-sama, the Yondaime Hokage has called for a Summit of the Kages in Iron Country to deal with the Akatsuki problem," the woman said, handing him a letter. "Recently, the Akatsuki member, Uchiha Sasuke, captured A-sama's brother, the Jinchuuriki of the Eight Tailed Ox, Killer Bee."

    Naruto seemed to freeze, as well as Kakashi. "...excuse me...can you repeat that?"

    "Uchiha Sasuke has joined Akatsuki," Samui said, looking at the young Hokage.

    "...t-that has to be impossible...why would Sasuke join Akatsuki?" Naruto whispered, breathing out. Forcing himself to stand, he grabbed the letter to be sure. "Thank you...I'll get ready to go right away."

    Samui nodded, and she bowed respectfully to the new Hokage, and she left the room. Naruto's hand shook as he held the letter...and he closed his eyes. He now knew...that Sasuke would never be able to return to Konoha now. He was not only a Missing Ninja...but a member of Akatsuki...and he had taken a Jinchuuriki.

    "Naruto..." Kakashi whispered, walking over to his student.

    "...I'm fine...sensei," Naruto said, breathing out. "I have to get ready for the Summit...I'd like you to be one of my bodyguards."

    "Hai," Kakashi said, nodding.

    Naruto breathed in, putting his Hokage hat on. I wonder if this is what Ero-Sennin felt when Orochimaru defected...
    Fire Country
    Sasuke was leading his team, Taka, towards Konoha. The last Uchiha was determined in his new goal-the destruction of Konoha as well as the murdering of the Elders in revenge for what the Uchiha Clan and Itachi were put through. Sasuke was focused on getting his latest revenge...he still hadn't told his team his plan of killing the entirety of Konoha-down to the very last child-the very last infant. He didn't care that he was going against Itachi's wishes. He didn't care that he had lied to his team. Nothing was going to stop him from completing this goal.

    He then noticed something appearing in a spiral in front of him. An orange mask with a spiral pattern appeared, and then a body covered in the Akatsuki Cloak. Narrowing his eyes, his hand sparked with the Chidori and he burst forward towards Madara who was now standing in front of them. Karin, Suigetsu, and Jugo skidded to a halt as Sasuke pushed forward with his Chidori...and went through Madara. By going 'through' meant literally, in essence, Sasuke didn't even touch him.

    What? Sasuke thought as he skidded forward, and Madara turned to him.

    "Tsk, tsk, tsk, Sasuke, you disappoint me," Madara said, folding his hands and Sasuke's eyes narrowed.

    "What do you want? I pulled my part of our bargain, giving you the Hachibi," Sasuke asked and Madara's Sharingan glared at him.

    "You failed Sasuke, our agreement still stands," Madara told him coldly, and Sasuke, Jugo, Karin, and Suigetsu's eyes widened.

    "What? That's impossible! We brought him back to you," Suigetsu said.

    "All we got is one tentacle, it seems that 'Killer Bee' pulled the wool over your eyes," Madara said and Sasuke remembered the Hachibi's tail falling on Karin...and he was forced to cut it... that's how he did it...ingenious... Sasuke thought and he straightened up.

    "If you're heading to Konoha, you're wasting your time," Madara said and he looked at the group. "My partner, Pain, has already destroyed it."

    "What?!" Sasuke demanded and glanced at Karin.

    Karin turned on her 'Eye of the Kagura' jutsu, reaching out to Konoha...and she could feel an incredibly powerful residual chakra. Much, much more powerful than Sasuke. "...all I can a residual chakra in dwarfs mostly all others."

    "That's Pain," Madara said, looking at Sasuke. "You still work for me, Sasuke, and I need you to head to the Kage Summit in Iron Country."

    "No deal," Sasuke snarled, his eyes changing to the Sharingan. "Our alliance is over, Madara."

    Madara frowned as Zetsu rose up from a tree branch. "A new Hokage has been chosen," the white half said.

    "Who is it? Danzo? Kakashi?" Madara asked, glancing at the black and white Venus Fly Trap shinobi.

    "Neither. Its Uzumaki Naruto. The kid who beat Pain," Zetsu replied and Sasuke's eyes widened momentarily. "He may be even stronger than Sasuke now. Yeah, he's got some powerful new abilities."

    "...stronger" Sasuke snarled, and then he laughed. "Madara...I'm heading to Konoha. Don't try to stop me."

    "How about we make a deal then?" Madara asked him. "If you beat me, our alliance is ended and you can do whatever you want. But if you can' have to do what I say for the time being."

    Sasuke growled. "Fine!"

    He dashed towards Madara, his hands sparking with the Chidori and he shot one out in the Chidori Eiso (Chidori Sharp Spear), and he brought it down on the branch that Madara was standing on. The Akatsuki Leader leaped off the falling branch as Sasuke leaped towards him, throwing his chidori out. Madara dodged, catching the fallen Uchiha's wrist and he slammed his foot into Sasuke's stomach, sending him crashing back into the tree.

    Sasuke growled, flying through the seals and he shot a blast of flame, the Katon: Goryuka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique), shooting out a massive, dragon shaped fireball that 'roared' at Madara. The Akatsuki leader let it harmlessly pass through his body, and he lifted his own hands. Without doing any seals, or even calling out its name, he fired the Katon: Chou Hosenka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Super Phoenix Immortal Fire techinque), several large massive fireballs shot from where Madara's mouth could be, each colored blue, at Sasuke. Sasuke's eyes widened, and he dodged to the side as Madara continued to fire the large blue fireballs like a machine gun.

    I've never seen a technique like that before! Sasuke thought, comparing his own Hosenka no Jutsu to the technique Madara was using while his team jumped or dodged the fireballs. Gritting his teeth, his eyes morphed to the atom-looking six pointed Mangekyo Sharingan he possessed, and blood flowed from his left eye. "Amaterasu!"

    Yelling, a fireball was shot out of nowhere, and 'appeared' on Madara. The first Uchiha snarled throwing his arms up around the Amaterasu flames. To Sasuke's astonishment, the flames were then...sucked into Madara's eye and vanished. Madara then vanished into his eye, and teleported right behind Sasuke and slammed his fist into Sasuke's back. Sasuke slammed down to the ground. He managed to turn to face up as Madara landed on him, his foot slamming into Sasuke's stomach. Sasuke coughed up blood, and Madara leaned down. At that moment, their eyes met and the fallen Uchiha's right eye began bleeding.

    "Tsukuyomi!" Sasuke roared, and Madara found himself in a red and black world and several feathers pierced his body.

    " this is your Tsukuyomi," Madara said, unimpressed. "Pathetic."

    To Sasuke's horror, Madara shattered his Tsukuyomi like it was nothing, and he bent down, grabbing Sasuke by the neck. The fallen Uchiha looked into his ancestor's eye...which had shifted to his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Sasuke then found himself in the red and black world of the was just as intense as Itachi's!

    "Welcome to my Tsukuyomi, Sasuke," Madara's voice echoed in his mind. "I admit, I'm not on Itachi's level...but Itachi usually held back. I'm not..." Sasuke looked down at his hand...which began melting and he began crying in pain. "So for 12'll be melted and reformed over and over again by my chakra...enjoy"

    A second later, in the real world, Sasuke was coughing up blood. "Itachi...said you were...a shadow of your former self..."

    "I am," Madara told him, tossing Sasuke to Karin. "However, I'm more than powerful enough to teach you our hierarchy...think of it this way, heading to the Kage Summit and taking out one or two Kages will show how strong you really are. After all, if you figured out my ability, you could beat me."

    "Why don' do it yourself if you're this strong...?" Sasuke panted as he rolled up Karin's sleave and bit into her wrist, healing chakra beginning to flow into his body.

    "Nuh uh uh, remember our agreement. You lost, Sasuke, so you have to do what I say," Madara told him, smirking behind his mask.

    "...fine..." Sasuke said, standing up after healing. Madara vanished for a second, then reappeared, tossing them Akatsuki cloaks.

    "There, to signify you are members of Akatsuki," Madara said, and he pulled out Itachi's ring, tossing it to Sasuke. "To make it official. Since until you can defeat me, Sasuke, you are a member of Akatsuki."

    Sasuke took a deep breath, putting on the black robe with red clouds after discarding his other cloak...and he slipped on the ring. He was now a full member of Akatsuki now...and he looked at the rest of team Taka. Suigetsu was grumbling about wearing an Akatsuki cloak again, putting the Decapitating Carving Knife back on his back. Jugo was pulling his cloak on, and Karin had finished putting on her's.

    "...well....we have our orders..." Sasuke said with disgust. "...lets head to the Land of Iron and get into postion."

    "Just a moment, Sasuke," Madara said, looking at Zetsu. The strange looking Shinobi then split in two, a black arm appearing on the black side and a white arm appearing on the white side where the divide happened. "Zetsu here will accompany you. He'll be of some help."

    Zetsu's white half leaped over after Madara tossed him an Akatsuki Cloak. "I'm ready to go now, Sasuke," Zetsu's white half said with a grin.

    "...fine...just don't get into our way," Sasuke ordered and they turned and leaped away, heading northeast towards the Land of Iron.

    "That was risky, wasn't it boss?" Zetsu's black half said, looking at Madara. "Just thirty seconds longer in that battle and Sasuke would have defeated you, correct?"

    "Yes," Madara said, squeezing his hand into a fist. "Hence a greater reason to become complete soon. Zetsu, prepare to initiate the Eye of the Moon plan."

    "Hai, Madara," the black half of Zetsu said.

    Without another word, the two vanished, Madara using his teleportation jutsu vanish into his eye until he completely disappeared. Zetsu sank into the ground, also disappearing, leaving the battleground where Sasuke and Madara fought behind.
    Konoha, Northern Gate
    Naruto had selected Neji Hyuga as his second bodyguard for the Summit and he, Kakashi, and Neji were departing. The rest of the Rookies and Team Gai were seeing them off, as well as most of Konoha. Several people were cheering on Naruto, wishing their new hero luck in the Summit. Kakashi and Neji had on brown robes for protection against the cold in the Land of Iron, which was a country that was covered by snow.

    "Well, lets get going," Naruto said, placing his Hokage Hat on his head as he took a deep breath. Before walking out. "...I guess I'm not going to have a better time to do this huh sensei?"

    Kakashi looked at him. "Do what?"

    "Most of Konoha's this is the best place to do it," Naruto lifted his hat up as the wind began blowing, and he turned to Konoha's populace. "For now on, I protect this village!"

    Kakashi smirked at that as the people of Konoha began cheering and whistling in joy at that. " that that is done, I believe we should depart, Hokage-sama."

    "Right, Kakashi-sensei," Naruto said with a grin. He did that to feel better...he was still down that Sasuke had fallen off the path so much...he couldn't be saved anymore. "Kakashi-sensei, Neji, lets go!"

    "Hai, Hokage-sama!" Kakashi and Neji said at the same time, and the three began walking out of Konoha.
    In the mountain top village of Kumogakure, the Village Hidden in the Coulds, the Yondaime Raikage, A, had finished getting ready for the Summit. He selected his two bodyguards, Shi-as a sensor, Kumo's top medical ninja, and genjutsu specialist, and Darui, his ninjutsu specialist swordsman who was a master of the Kekki Genkai, Storm Release, with him. Shi had medium length blond hair which covered his blue eyes as well as white skin, and was wearing Kumo's standard Jonin uniform of a one strap, gray colored Chunin Vest as well as gray pants. Darui had black skin like most of the people in Kumo, and had short, spiky white hair and a large sword on his back that lacked a point, and was also dressed like Shi. The Raikage himself was a tall, imposing man who was extremely muscular, and he had his Raikage Robe open to expose his muscular chest, and around his wrists were thick, metal guantlets that looked like they weighed a ton each, and around his waist was the ogre belt, and he was wearing dark black pants.

    "Darui, Shi, ready to go?" A asked, crouching down near the window.

    "Hai, Raikage-sama," both said, wincing as they saw what the Raikage was about to do.

    "Then lets go!" A yelled, and with that, he jumped out the window of the Raikage Tower, falling several hundred meters before landing on his feet before dashing towards the southern entrance.

    Darui and Shi sighed, and they walked out the door after telling A's secretary to get someone in to fix the window in the Raikage's office. This was...going to be a long journey.
    On the mist covered isle of Water Country, in Kirigakure, the Village Hidden in the Mists, Terumi Mei, the extremely attractive, brown haired Godaime Mizukage was preparing to leave with her two bodyguards, the young Seven Swordsman Chojuro and the leader of the Undertakers, Kiri's Elite Hunter Ninja unit were preparing to go while standing on the docks. A group of villagers were seeing them off. Mei was wearing a blue, low cut kimono that showed off her impressive cleavage and legs with ninja mesh under it, and she was carrying her robes in the pack on her back Chojuro was wearing his glasses, a white long sleaved shirt with vertical black stripes, and cargo pants that were blue and black. Around his chest was where his headband was, connected to the harness that carried the Hirameki, his two handled sword in its unreleased form. Ao's white hair was standing up in a point, and he was wearing strange looking earrings that had tags over them, and his right eye was covered in an eye patch. He was wearing the same white sleave shirt that Chojuro was wearing, but had a blue kimono over his body, and around his forehead was his headband.

    "Sir, I swear on my name as Mizukage I will fullfill my duty," Mei said as she took her Mizukage Hat from the elder as he handed it to her.

    " one of the great Seven Swordsmen, you must protect Mizukage-sama."

    "I...I think...I'll be fine...probably..." Chojuro said, stammering.

    "Have faith in yourself, you're strong," Mei told Chojuro gently, making him blush. "That's why you were chosen to guard me, ok, Chojuro?"

    "Uhh...yeah...I'll try my best. ...I hope..." Chojuro said, blushing and smiling. She's so kind...

    "All you need to say is 'yes ma'am'! No one wants to hear you're waffling! You kids today, just be a man..." Ao said in disgust as darkness descended over Mei's eyes.

    A man...

    "Ao, enough with the lecture. You need to hurry or else you'll be late for the meeting!"

    Need a man...?! Mei thought.

    "I'm just giving the kid advice. When I was his age..."

    "Shut up or I'll kill you," Mei said sweetly after turning to Ao, baffling him.

    ...HUH? Ao thought as his jaw dropped.

    Mei held up her hat. "Come on Ao, Chojuro, lets go!"

    I'll protect her beautiful smile...if I can... Chojuro thought eagerly as they got onto the boat and departed.
    In Iwagakure, the Village Hidden in the Rocks, which was nestled in a valley surrounded by large mountains, Onoki of the Two Scales was getting ready to go with his bodyguards. He was the Sandaime Tsuchikage, a contemporary of Sarutobi Hiruzen, and the oldest living Kage in the five Countries. He was also...the shortest. He had long white hair, a large nose with bumps on it, and a white pointy mustache and pointy beard. He was also wearing the Tsuchikage robes, with the hat hanging around his neck. His two bodyguards were Kurotsuchi, a pretty black haired kunoichi who wore her hair in a bun, and was two strap gray chunin vest, black t-shirt and black pants, and was carrying a big box on her back. The other was Akatsuchi, a tall, fat shinobi wearing the same outfit, with a big nose and a perpetual smile on his chubby face.

    "You can do it Tsuchikage-sama! Kurotsuchi, Akatsuchi, you better protect him you hear!" a bunch of shinobi said on a bridge that was over the Eastern Gate.

    "At my age, this meeting'll be a pain," Onoki said, putting his hand onto his back and groaning. "You youngsters don't understand what it's like when your hips are a virtual time bomb!"

    "How about it gramps, thinking of retiring?" Kurotsuchi teased as the Tsuchikage put his hand onto the box. "You can't rely on your former glory forever."

    "Ahahahaha, I'll take your luggage for you, Tsuchikage-sama," Akatsuchi said, and he began to lift up the box.

    "Don't touch, Akatsuchi!" Onoki ordered and he slipped his arms into his luggage's harnesses. "I don't need your help!" He then lifted...and there was a crack and his hips gave out. "OHHH! MY HIPS!"

    "What do you say? Should you send someone else in your place?" Kurotsuchi joked.

    "D-Don't be ridiculous! Who do you think I am?!" Onoki demanded, his eyes bugging out from the pain. "I am the Sandaime Tsuchikage, the great and fearsome leader of Iwagakure! Ooof...I'll carry my own luggage!"

    "Good grieve...what a stubborn old man," Kurotsuchi groaned, closing her eyes and rubbing the bridge of her nose.

    "All right, I'll carry your luggage then! Lets go!" Akatsuchi said, lifting Onoki and his luggage up with ease, and putting them on his shoulder.

    With that, three three departed down the road towards the Land of Iron.
    In Sunagakure, the Village Hidden in the Sand, Gaara, the Godaime Kazekage was preparing to leave with his siblings who he had chosen to be his bodyguards. He was wearing his Kazekage robes and his hat was hanging loosely around his neck, hitting the giant gourd he was wearing on his back that was carrying his sand. Despite losing the Shukaku, Gaara was as strong as ever, hell, he was arguably stronger. He still had his automatic sand shield, but he had been training for the past few months in taijutsu so he wouldn't rely on it anymore, and he had added dozens of Fuuton Jutsus to his arsenal, and another reason why he was stronger-he could finally sleep without worrying about the Shukaku taking control. Kankuro stood next to him, his face paint changed, one purple line over his eyes, one over his mouth and one going up his chin to connect with the one on his mouth, and he was still wearing his black outfit. Temari had a white cloak on and on her back was a large scroll, and she was wearing white shinobi armor under her cloak which had no sides.

    "You were late, Kankuro," Baki chided his student as he stood with Ebizo and the rest of the villagers.

    "It took me a while to figure out this new trick!" Kankuro said with a grin.

    "Be careful, Kazekage-sama," Matsuri, Gaara's student as well as girlfriend said with a smile.

    "Kankuro, take good care of him," Ebizo said with a smile.

    "We will," Temari said with a smile, waving a new small fan over her face to keep herself cool.

    "Alright, lets go," Gaara told his siblings, turning to leave.

    "Not like Gaara needs bodyguards!" Kankuro said with a grin, giving a thumbs up to the villagers.

    The three began walking off, and the sand began to move under their feet and then the three stood still. Gaara then levitated the sand under their feet, and they began to depart at a high amount of speed towards the Land of Iron in the North East.

    To Be Continued...
    Author's Note:
    Whew, I got this chapter done in record time. I hope you like the chapter. Now I bet I'm going to get some questions about Madara-I'll answer them here: Madara is strong, stronger than Sasuke (and not by much, he only dominated in the battle due to Sasuke not knowing how to get by Madara's phasing abilities) now, but weaker than Naruto (not by much), Itachi, Minato, Jiraiya, and Pain. Pain is going to be the benchmark in the fic, he's the strongest thing to exist in the Narutoverse.

    Please read and review


    Amaterasu (No rank, canon technique}: The strongest fire technique in the manga, said to burn for seven days and nights. It does have a weakness of a relatively slow burn though. Black flames appear as a fireball on the body. Named after the Shinto Goddess of the Sun.

    Chidori (1000 Chirping Birds, A-Rank, Canon Technique): Originally developed by Hatake Kakashi and taught to Sasuke while he was still a Konoha Ninja and part of Team Seven. Lightning charges around the user's hand and the user dashes at high speed and plunges it into the target's chest, head, or neck. Sounds like the chirping of a thousand birds.

    Chidori Eiso (Chidori Sharp Spear, A-Rank, Canon Technique): Chidori variant developed by Uchiha Sasuke in his training with Orochimaru. Can extend up to 15 meters and can cut or pierce to great effect. The lightning forms around Sasuke's palm and extends as a spear or sword.

    Katon: Chou Hozenka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Super Phoenix Immortal Fire technique, S-Rank, original technique): One of Madara's original jutsus, which is an enhanced form of the Hozenka no Jutsu. He fires blue fireballs at his target, the size of the Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Grand Fireball Technique) at the rate of a machine gun or an automatic cannon, and can cause massive destruction. Uses a lot of chakra however.

    Katon: Goryuka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Dragon Fireball Technique, B-Rank, Canon Technique: A huge dragon-shaped fireball fires from the mouth. Can be used offensively, or to heat up the sky for one of Sasuke's ultimate techniques, the Kirin.

    Tsukuyomi (No Rank, canon technique): The ultimate genjutsu that humans can create, only the Magen: Gamarinsho (Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Singing) is stronger. Can place the target in an illusion for several hours. Uchiha Itachi was the absolute master of the technique, and could alter the targets perception of time and space over a span of three days. Madara isn't quite as skilled, but can go up to a full day. Sasuke is quite unskilled, and can only cause pain and unconsciousness in the target for a few moments.
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