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Thread: Read Marvel Comics Online

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    Exclamation Read Marvel Comics Online


    it costs 9.99 a month but boi is it amazing. they arent scans of a comic they are the original art that the comic was printed off so its very high quality more then you could ever get with a scan&clean 7000 comics currently as well as some old vintage rare ones. and of course all the new ones.

    im not advertising for this site but as you know marvel have sued the asses of people that scan there comics. but they havent done it unreasnobly here is a nice alternitive. you save trees money and its not illeagel so i recommend atleast checking it out there is a free demo

    but lets talk about the reader
    +super fast
    +loads full chapter at a time

    no minuses except it costs a low amount of money.

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    Re: Read Marvel Comics Online

    They need to get a digital option for new comics.

    I'd much rather buy them online than order them through the mail, but they don't seem to offer any online subscriptions to the new stuff.

    Like why won't they let me subscribe to 36 issues of digital issues Spider-man as opposed to a print subscription?
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