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Thread: Claymore Chapter 103

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    Reviewer 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member
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    Claymore Chapter 103

    Claymore Chapter 103- Reminisce of the Abyss- Review

    Well for Our Poll results, it went as follows. The winning option, with four votes, run for it, got it right. Amazingly they didn't stand there like idiots watching, and Claire was still to out of it to do anything stupid, both of which got three votes. One of you had now clue what would happen. And all the other options got no votes.

    This Chapter, Priscilla remembers stuff, kills Dauf Dead, and decides to kill Claire dead. You want more of a review? But really that's about all that happened in this chapter. Oh, fine then. But be warned this will be short.

    Deneve's Better Brilliant Plan-

    With Destroyer Dauf's appearance, Deneve, Helen and Claire have a chance to escape from Priss. Helen however wonders about the direction they are going, right towards the Destroyer. Deneve explains that Dauf won't possibly buy them enough time to escape, and even if they stay and try to help determine the outcome, it would be futile. The only hope they have is to get The Destroyer to fight Priscilla.
    Well, Deneve has a better plan this time than “hold off Priss for one billionth of a second, at cost of own life.” Try to get her tangled up in fighting the one thing that may be able to actually hurt Priss, the Destroyer. Of course that is still dangerous as hell, and the Destroyer will attack them too. And Claire is still acting like a sack of potatoes, so that won't make it any easier Personally I doubt that the Destroyer will win, but hopefully it will weaken Priss, and force her to retreat and regain her strength for a while. Of course that is just the first two pages. The entire rest of the chapter consists of...

    Beat Me So I Remember-

    Dauf vs Priscilla. Of course even with the infection from the rods, it's very one sided for Dauf. He looses his remaining arm in no time. And then we get to see one of the more bizarre things yet in Claymore. He turns the rods into partial hellcats, that spit smaller rods. He does some damage to Priss, and she realizes it feels familiar. So she lets him beat her more, so as to get her memory back. And the memory she gets is a fuzzy version of killing Teresea. That's enough for her, and Priss uses her wings to shred Dauf, and it seems she will be going after Claire next.
    And this was the majority of the chapter. Funny how it managed to feel completely one sided with Dauf doing most of the offense and Priss taking most of the damage. The reason I say it felt funny, was that you knew that no matter what Dauf did he was dead the moment Priss decided she didn't want him alive anymore. Simply put, unless you put her down in one hit, nothing anyone does to Priss will matter. It seems that the memory she gained is one that she didn't want, but the one she can't forget. I wonder if it's the memory of fear from Teresea, or could it be lingering guilt from her human self for killing Teresea? Whatever the case is, she now wants to take it out on Claire. Short Chapter, and I really wonder if the whole infected Dauf series of events really was needed or added anything to the plot.

    Priscilla of the Month- Priscilla

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    Oh, like I have to explain this one.

    What does it mean? It means your about to get your butt kicked!

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner Revyon's Avatar
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    Re: Claymore Chapter 103

    Chapter useless to me, but in its futility should be shown to allow priscilla to remember something that would allow the story to evolve and then give chase claire.

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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member HegemonKhan's Avatar
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    Re: Claymore Chapter 103

    something.... definately need to come out of Priscilla re-gaining her memory of Teresa....

    (something besides... Priscilla: "Now, I am actually going to try to kill you for reals this time, Clare"...PFFT)

    otherwise... WTF was the point of all this... of her "quest thingy" of re-gaining her memory of Teresa, which has been going on ever since she met Raki and recognized Clare-Teresa's scent/smell/yoki on him, and followed/stayed with him until they arrived at Ticheri town, where she then abandoned him...


    I'm now agreeing with some other people in thinking that Yagi is really rushing these chapters in order to bring his manga to an end, at possibly ~40-50 chapters from now.

    it's been getting pretty lame... these last chapters... yagi needs to have something really REDEEMING coming up... otherwise... I'm not happy with these recent "rush-liked" chapters...

    This whole "massacre" in the western land, really should have been expanded out many many many more chapters.... I don't see how Yagi can correct/redeem this... in the following chapters.
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