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Thread: Koko no Hito

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    Koko no Hito

    Title:Koko no Hito
    Genres:Seinen, Drama, Sports, Tragedy
    Author: Nabeda Yoshiro and Nitta Jiro
    Artist: Sakamoto Shinichi
    Publication: Shueisha (Serialized in Weekly Young Jump)
    Start Date: 2007
    End Date: Ongoing
    Number of chapters at review: 17
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 17

    General Overview:

    A new transferred student, Mori, is dared into climbing the side of the school. If Mori wins, he'll be left alone. Determined to be left alone, Mori recklessly scales up the side of the school. Students rushed towards the window to witness Mori's feat. Facing what appears to be a cliff, Mori decides to take a leap hoping to grab onto the edge. Mantling himself upon the roof top of the school, Mori felt a new found sense of exhilaration. This will mark his beginning on the road of rock climbing.

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 9

    Koko no Hito's artwork is superb. Good layout and distinct lines. It must have been tedious for Sakamoto Shinichi to illustrate this manga. The details to the terrain and rock climbing walls are sure something. From my brief experience with classical art, drawing terrain could be tedious. This requires patience which I didn't obtain when it came to drawing.

    There are times when the body proportions doesn't appear to be consistent. In some scenes, the bodies look a bit longer than it should. All-in-all, art style was good.

    Plot: 8

    A usual plot where the main protagonist gets interested in a certain topic and soon it becomes his whole world. Rock-climing was sure an interesting pick. Even though the story might be loosely based upon a real life rock climber, the story unfolded well.

    Rock climbing is something that I would personally want to try. Reading this, I couldn't have imagine it to be so tactical. Even so, I learned one thing that I could apply to my life which is that I need moves to reach the top.

    Characters: 8

    The main character is sure a stupid and naive one like other main characters. Even though he's naive, he at least found passion in something. Being the new student is rough but he sure found people that will help guide him.

    The support cast is a sizable one that helps interact with the protagonist and also move the story along. There seems to be a rivalry and friendship building among the protagonist and a support character. I wonder how far this will go?

    I believe that in life, people need friends and enemies. Basically, a person should have a good mix of people surrounding them to make life interesting. One thing that I personally have to do is look for a rival in order to push myself further. But also have people there to support and sustain me when I'm down and almost out.


    What struck me was how people will have reckless abandonment just to achieve a sense of thrill while doing something dangerous. Then there are those who always exhort others on safety first. Yet, with a sense of thrill comes a sense of satisfaction. The opposite might be true to those that always stick to safety first. As important as safety is, it might even hinder the feeling of satisfaction and give way to regret.

    Having regret is something that no one ever wants to have. So even abandoning safety, one could hope to achieve or at least come closer to what they want. Even if they fall short, a person would know that at least he has tried. This was conveyed nicely through the old rock climber and his buddy.

    This might be related to the higher the risk, the higher the rewards are.

    Originality: 10

    I haven't seen a lot of rock climbing manga out there. There are sure a lot of manga focused on school, especially high school, but that's usually where a lot of memories are formed. Looking at Koko no Hito, it should span from high school into the adult life of the main protagonist.

    Koko no Hito sure does make the rock climbing world appealing to the readers.

    Overall: 10

    Another excellent read that I found. Koko no Hito seems to have a good balance of many things, depth, character development, plot and art. The authors sure do know how to kick things off but that's all in the delivery, correct? It's a good read for those who aren't interested in a lot of action. As a reader, the pace of the story was smooth.

    So if you have time, give Koko no Hito a read.

    Spoiler: Scenes from the First Chapter show
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