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Thread: Togari by Watanabe Shizumu

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    Togari by Watanabe Shizumu

    Togari by Watanabe Shizumu
    Genre: Action, Drama, Supernatural
    Serialized: Weekly Shounen Magazine
    Summary and Preview:
    After her brother died protecting her from a local serial killer who tears his victims apart, Aiba Ichiko is determined to bring the killer to justice. However, the only clue she has to his identity is a tattoo on his hand. One day she runs into a strange sort of traveling tattoo artist, an anemic boy whose father appears to be a rat. But he doesn't draw ordinary tattoos, his tattoos are the kind that grant abilities to their bearers. Will he be able to help her finally avenge her brother's death?
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    Re: Togari by Watanabe Shizumu

    Can't really say much about it since I don't really understand, but it's basically about this girl called Togari that fights something...using some ancient tatoo technique which she draws with some fountain pen?

    Guess will need to wait for a summary to pop up to understand more about what this one-shot is about :P

    Click for a preview if you're interested

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