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Thread: Character info from the Manga Volumes

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    Character info from the Manga Volumes

    As you know mangaka often put interesting details about various characters and stuff in the manga volumes and Psyren is no different.

    Thing is I remember all these different things mentioned by other people but I can't confirm them myself. So this thread is for anyone who owns the manga to post up those titbits of information if they wish.

    What I really do need confirmation on right now is this: Oboro, is it true he starred in a TV show as a vampire detective? TVTropes is a harsh mistress.
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    Re: Character info from the Manga Volumes

    From v2 Psyren
    Mochizuki Oboro
    21 years old. Actor.
    Do not show his true nature in front of TV.
    Decide for himself of good and evil, moral.
    Things he likes are steak, melon bread.
    Thing he hate is normal, cockroach.

    Main works performed :
    "Vampire Detective Cross Ice" (TV, tokusatsu)
    "That's Ikemen Magic Club" (TV, drama) *(ikemen=handsome guy)
    "Shivering Spiral" (movie)
    "Vampire Detective Cross Ice - Go to New York -" (movie)
    "Vampire Detective Cross Ice The Last Bloody Battle" (movie)

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