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Thread: Ichigo an experiment?

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    Registered User 上級員 / Jyoukuuin / Sr. Member bleach fan 101's Avatar
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    Ichigo an experiment?

    this may sound wierd but for the sake of argument do you all think it is possible for Ichigo to be a clone or a scientific experiment conducted by Urahara (maybe a different type of mod soul)?
    Due to parts of the manga i am thinking that Ichigo may be a human soul that has had parts of shinigami souls added (namely Kaien and Isshin)

    Ichigo and Isshin can use GT and some people think it would be lazy of Kubo if it was due to inheritence
    where as other people think its because Isshin can copy other Zan's abilities, but 2 problems, 1. why use GT why not use complete hypnosis? 2. where has he seen GT?

    from what i've seen as well he seems to have the personality and ability of Isshin and Kaien

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    The Original 伝説メンバー / Densetsu / Legendary Member thornofcarrion's Avatar
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    Re: Ichigo an experiment?

    I don't think Ichigo is a modded-soul. Well, should a mod-soul have a zanpktou and hollow? Kon is an artificial soul and we know what he is capable of >.>

    If Ichigo was born or produced, it would have been some other method. I was thinking may be there is some method amongst shinigami, which is considered taboo. May be Isshin committed that taboo and was exiled from SS.

    I am not dropping this as a possibility. But I do see a far fetched chance of that actually happening.

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