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Thread: Shin Prince of Tennis 31 and 32 Discussion/Predictions

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    Prince Of Tennis Shin Prince of Tennis 31 and 32 Discussion/Predictions

    Use the thread to discuss these two chapters to your hearts' content.

    PS: If the next set of chapters come out and a new thread is not made, please feel free to PM a global moderator to create a new thread for you.

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    Re: Shin Prince of Tennis 31 and 32 Discussion/Predictions

    Well, Krauser lost as many people thought. He can improve a lot, but I don't the way...His style of raw power seems no to be very effective when you are playing with people older and stronger than you

    About Kirihara & Shiraishi:next month The Bible will show us the power of his arm. Time to shine...but maybe is not enough to win the match. In any case, the fate of the match will also determine S2 and D1: with 0-2 winning the Court 3, Court 5 would need to win the other 2, because Atobe fangirls, who feed Konomi, want screentime of his idol
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