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Thread: What are the reasons why you like/love FMA?

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    What are the reasons why you like/love FMA?

    With the last chapter just around the corner, I thought it would be cool if we, the FMA fans, made a little tribute to this great series by posting the reasons why we like/love Fullmetal Alchemist so much. Hopefully we can list plenty of reasons or maybe even "108" reasons.

    Here are some of my reasons:

    1) Great story. The story is incredibly well written. Arakawa-sensei has done an awesome job in keeping me interested throughout the whole series. There is not a single chapter that I haven’t enjoyed reading it.
    Even though it has a lot of elements of fantasy, the story also deals with real, controversial, heartfelt topics. Topics that have touched my heart and have made reflect about so many things, especially human nature. FMA has action, drama, comedy, suspense, romance; it has everything!

    2) Great characters. Arakawa-sensei has done an awesome job in creating characters that are cool, interesting and captivating. Even the bad guys are amazing in FMA! Arakawa-sensei has also done a fantastic job in creating female characters that are not your usual damsel in distress or even your usual tsundere; the girls in FMA are way more complex than that. I’m really going to miss all the characters, the ones that I have grown to love and even the ones I dislike. I’m going to miss them all because they have all played a crucial part in the reason of why FMA is so great and why I love FMA so much.

    Well… these are my first two reasons, but what are your reasons guys? What are the reasons why you like/love FMA?
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