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View Poll Results: Kushina's Entrance to the Story Line was forced

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Thread: Uzumaki Kushinas Entrance was Forced

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    Re: Uzumaki Kushinas Entrance was Forced

    I see Kushina more of a prison for the Kyuubi than anything else. See how the Kyuubi was imprisoned inside Kushina's body? It couldn't move at all. It was practically crucified to a ball. Whereas with Naruto, the Kyuubi was merely caged, cuz it's a different seal. With Naruto, Minato made it so that the Kyuubi's chakra would always leak out, giving strength to Naruto. If Kushina was more of a container than a weapon, it would make sense to keep her jinchuuriki status a secret. She probably couldn't use the Kyuubi like other jinchuuriki use their bijuu.

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    Re: Uzumaki Kushinas Entrance was Forced

    I guess it was forced but it kinda makes sense.

    Yondaime has already shown that he is capable of intertwining multiple seals.

    Remember what the 1st 9 tails host said?

    "The vessel of the 9 tails must be filled with love" -- or something to that effect.

    Yondaime already showed up in a dire situation and gave Naruto the courage to push forward in the fight with Pain.

    In another situation he needed something beyond courage -- he needed love and kindness to overpower the hatred of the 9-tails. The only way he could have done that was with the assistance of someone that could invoke those emotions.

    That's where Kushina fits in.
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