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Thread: Physical feat of strength

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    Physical feat of strength

    Not including anything that is the result of using a tennis racket (otherwise any glowing shot guy is automatically impossibly physically strong), who would be the physically strongest guys in Prince of Tennis? Here would be my picks:

    Oni - Can lift a boulder.

    Sanada and Kawamura - Can catch a guy falling with one hand.

    Kintaro - Can lift a motorcycle.

    Notable omissions:

    Duke - He's probably very strong but he's done nothing that isn't related to tennis and is not eligible.

    Akutsu - He caught Kawamura while airborne and ripped a hole in the fence, but I'm not familiar with how that compares with the above feats of strength.

    So looking at the list, it seems like there aren't too many feats of strength that doesn't involve a tennis racket.

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    MangaHelper 有名人 / Yuumeijin / Celebrity Kaoz's Avatar
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    Re: Physical feat of strength

    You could probably count Kawamura and Kabaji catching the floodlight. Can't really think of anything else though.

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