This story is going to be a time skip story spanning the time from the Pain attack to after the fourth shinobi war and then some. Roughly three years when all is said and done. So expect a 19-20 year old Naruto that has matured in the allotted time and a Hinata that is a bit more sure of herself since the attack and the war. Look for fluff of course since I am making this a pairing story, but I am going to be working in a little side Naruto/Genin team side story as I go along with the plot.

I am already nine chapters in with a style that keeps me around 8k words a chapter. So far its going great and I am loving the ways that I have fleshed out some of the characters so far. Most importantly this is a pairing story, but its more of a general style story since I think a story that focuses on fluff to much will just get boring. Don't get me wrong though the central focus is on the pair. Eh well just wanted to post here trying to get some more traffic to the story. If you have time to give it a read please do and if you wouldn't mind dropping a review there or here I will be sure to respond to all of them. Thank you in advance.