Yeah, Rikkai in the anime I didnt enjoy.
And I hadnt even read the manga. I just didnt enjoy Echizen VS Sanada in the anime.

I read Fuji VS Kirihara, and it kick ass to the anime version.
Same with Niou/Yagyuu VS Oishi/Kikumaru.

Only Momoshiro/Kaido VS Marui/Jackal was done justice. and MAYBE Inui VS Yanagi,
Except Inui randomly using Jack Knife.

Yeah at least 3 matches should be redone. Sanada VS Echizen, Fuji VS Kirihara and Niou/Yagyuu VS Oishi/Kikumaru.

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Also, the OVA's about Last year Tachibana/ChitoseVS Last year Kenya/Shiraishi are good ideas.

Surely if theyre doing matches from the past that werent revealed shouldnt they do Kirihara VS Echizen in the Manga match?
That would be great animated.