Paranoia Street
By: Kago Shintaro
Genre: mystery, comedy, horror, surreal
Serialized In: Comic Flapper
Scanlated By: Kotonoha

Paranoia Street‘s story follows the fantastically absurd exploits of a wannabe detective and his female assistant who roam the Japanese countryside looking for work. Each chapter has them arriving at a new town plagued by some bizarre problem that would make Soil look like an oasis of sanity. Kago is known for his fertile imagination and black sense of humor, and this manga certainly shows him at his best. If you have never read anything by this author before, you could do (much) worse than to start with Paranoia Street. ~Kotonoha

Comics by Kago are not for everyone. Paranoia Street is relatively work safe, other than violence nothing truly offensive happened. His other series/one shots contain virtually everything that could offend someone presented in jarring dada/surreal style. Anyone who likes Paranoia Street should proceed with extreme caution.