Hello people finally the day has come when i made my 1st painting and coloring tutorial, i was working days on it so it better be worth it xD.

Thanks all of you who supported me in my career and i hope that i could repay you that with this tutorial.

Sorry for the grammar misstakes and sorry if i didnt got out in full details, i would have explainted you how to paint the damn lips but i dont know either xD.

If you have any questions just ask :9

And here is the finished this.

Also you can download the original Sketch from this page and make sure to fav the piece of the artist as well DIABLO123456 on deviantART

Also here is the so called render of the Eye Egg thingy

Download for full view
DA link DIABLO123456 on deviantART

Just Middle mouse it to full view it
Spoiler show