13 Club
By: Shihira Tatsuya
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Psychological-Seinen
Serialized In: Ultra Jump Egg (Shueisha)
Scanlated By: Easy Going Scans
Sites to Find It On: Mangareader, RTS

From mangaupdates.com:

"If you could find out a little something about the future, what would you do? Get rich off of the stock market? Use the media to become famous as a prophet? Or…"

*So far only three chapters have been scanned by EGS! They're doing a great job with it and you should definitely check their website out as they have quite an interesting "projects" list. I'm up-to-date with 13 Club, it's not terribly exciting at the moment but I believe the story will pick up after a few more chapters. It's definitely gained my attention and I'm really curious to know how the 13 Club website functions and what the purpose and intention(s) of this "Story Collector" character is....