Hello everyone my name is Tadoshi Chang.

I am writing a novel called Slavomir Academy and posting it on a site called www.textnovel.com


Madison Liang is a 14 year old Canadian born Chinese girl, who finds her life to be annoying. She’s constantly being over shadowed by her genius brother and cute sister who her mom constantly praises and compares her to. She hates her mother for remarrying only 6 months after her father died and has no real friends to talk her problems with. The only time Madison feels at peace is during her dreams where she is always rescued by this mysterious boy no matter how dire the situation. Unable to deal with Madison’s rebellion her wealthy step father arranges for Madison to be enrolled in Slavomir Academy the most technologically advanced and prestigious school in the world in the hopes that Madison will straighten up her act. How will Madison deal with the stress of high school and Slavomir Academy’s dark secret?

I release at least 1 chapter every week on Monday (GMT -05:00) Eastern Time.

If you would like to read the story that is as of the day I post this thread is on chapter 5 here is the link:

The story at heart is a psychological thriller, I have given it a rating of PG-13.

Please forgive the few grammar errors that you may come across it's still in it's first stage or writing. I really hope to one day have my "Slavomir Academy" series (total of 6 books) published and make it as a best selling Author. Also I would like to mention that this is my very attempt at writing a novel but as of my second chapter. I have graciously received an editor's choice award on Textnovel.com

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I hope that you all enjoy Slavomir Academy and support it so that my dream can become a reality.

Thank you very much for your time.

~Tadoshi Chang