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Thread: Fairy Tail Anime first year running

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    Fairy Tail Anime first year running

    Yo Mina,
    This is a thread to show and tell everybodies opinion about Fairy Tail anime ONLY in the first year of running. I know i know, it is a bit to soon, but who cares.

    Here is how we do it:
    Just give your general impression !! Maybe the moments you liked of characters you disliked. What you've missed and maybe tell us what you would like to see in the second year.

    My thoughts about the anime:
    My first impression was decent animation, great jokes, easygoing, fast paced(i like), and the best Music score i've heard in an anime to date.
    I wasn't expecting anything from the anime in the beginning. I was just looking for a new ongoing anime to enjoy. (didn't followed the manga at that time) Thus i came by this one.
    To tell you the truth i was floored, hooked, touched, and obliterated. The story (or stories) isn't their strongest point and the animation can be a bit off (laxus arc), but what actually is is the story's morales and the simplicity (and not just Natsu's simple minded mind lol).
    Examples; don't bear grudges towards another even your worst enemy, admit your defeat no matter how hard it is, family (and a big one) , always look forward, (yeah i know) but actually its a way of thinking. Quote: "I can also manipulate time, THE FUTURE !!" Just awesome. Oh and did i mentioned the music score.

    As you can see i am fairly positive about the anime in the first year. I cannot wait for its second year running now that i am also reading the manga. It seems it will get pretty interesting in the coming story arcs. Especially the recent one in the manga.

    Oke hope to hear from you guys.

    Nice to meet you btw. I'm new here.

    P.S. Guess what i am 27 and my favorite anime show is a kids show
    Last edited by Dutch; September 18, 2010 at 01:55 AM. Reason: changed a bit cause im a newbie

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