Hey guys, I have a project I'm working on and it would be the best if I could receive advices from manga fans like me ^^
Fasten your seatbelt, I'm making an anime. HELLYEAH BABY!!
I'm actually making a blog which is working as a big making of since the project is still at it's beggining.
As I said in my presentation, I'm working in Japan in a video game company as a 2D/3D designer, so that's one of the main reasons why I want to make something without any deadlines (even If I know how much it is crucial basically XD)
But, making a 2D anime is not the same thing as you surely can imagine.
Here is a test I made in 3 days to check some points. You can see this as my first attempt to make an ending for my anime.

Many things have to change for the final version (which I'm going to make in a loooong time XD)
I'm going to re-post the articles of my blog here, as much as possible so I can get your opinion guys.
And as we say in Japan: よろしく!