Thanks for the Artist status approval, admins! -salutes-

I'll be sharing a few of my works here. They're a mix of fan art and original works, but I'd daresay it's mostly manga progress snapshots. I'll answer questions, too, if any! ^^ Don't be shy, I don't bite. -huehuehue-

Spoiler: (Original) Digital - Azuriel show

I used this one for a mini-banner on a novel I'm working on, Jaded Halo. It's a bit deep, so I'm rewriting it to a friendlier choice of words. Haha.

Spoiler: (Original) Digital - Mangaka Meme show

This one is a little meme that was just clamoring to be done. Nuff said. Haha.

Spoiler: Tutorial (Traditional) - Naruto Fan Art show

I think I shared this one off a fan arts thread. It's a step by step process of a Naruto piece I've worked on.

I'll be adding a bit more as I go along! ^^