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Thread: The difficult case of a special imam in Germany

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    The difficult case of a special imam in Germany

    Source: German weekly magazine "SPIEGEL" from this week (18th of october)

    It's about the very special case of an imam in Munich:
    He's from Egypt but lives in Germany (Munich in Bajuvaria to be precisely) for ten years now. He speaks German but preaches in Arabian with a translator for those community members not understanding Arabian.

    Bajuvarian constitution protection claims that his preachings are against the constitution, as he's a very reactionary muslim. He lives together with three women, does not like the seperation of state and religion and refuses moderate koran interpretations.

    At the same time, he preaches very particular against terrorism and extremism, convinces extremist muslim to remain peaceful and preaches especially against fighting in Afghanistan by arguing that this was not agreeable with muslim rules. He was threatened with death and insulted by some muslims for this, but doesn't give up on it. Munich police works closely together with him, stating that he does a precious service for integration of immigrants. Yet Bajuvaria denies granting him citizenship because of his reactionary preaches.

    Also, what's very important in Germany (It's been quite a debate here: Many muslim communities live rather isolated and do not integrate, partially not even trying to learn the German language), he says that the muslim communities, especially the turkish one, have to open towards the German population and integrate.

    Personally I absolutely apreciate that man. He should not only be naturalised but even be specifically honored.
    -> Already he did more for the "war on terror" than the current German government will ever be able to do, by specifically talk to those people close to extremist thinking. He puts great courage into that as well.
    -> His efforts on integration are impressive and valuable.
    -> Even if he's reactionary - people first have to open up to society and participate in a dialogue before this issue can be solved, as dialogue is the only option to do so. As many muslims live very isolated from German population, there is no chance to reach them - but Abu Adam actually makes it possible to reach them. That guy is further progressed than German CDU (christ-democratic union - conservative major party) who still didn't get that concept of dialogue. Also it seems that Germany can bear through enough reactionary blockheads without beeing endangered by that - After all a German inquisitor is pope right now.

    The world needs more of such guys... arguing with religion against religious fanatics might be the only way to reach them. No predator drone can keep up with that, for every extremist they kill four others come into existence as the hatred on the western culture only increases. This man uses the maybe single truly effective and sustainable method.
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