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Thread: Help with in-depth interview questions

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    Help with in-depth interview questions

    Dear Mangahelpers members,

    I'm in my last year of my uni education and for that I'm doing an internship in a local bank( it's a branch of a well known bank in the netherlands). For my graduation thesis I need to conduct a customer satisfaction research on the customers of this local bank. For this customer satisfaction research I want to make use of the in-depth interview method to gather information. The manager of the local bank wants to know about to overall service quality of the bank, so he can adjust things to improve customer satisfaction.

    I'm conducting this research on 2 group of customers. Customers who regularly make use of the local bank and customers who almost never use it and do everything through the internet.

    The questions for the first group will be about:

    - The interior of the bank. Does it look good? etc.
    - The service of the bank. Are they handling your applications well, fast etc.
    - The employes. How are your impressions about them, their knowledge etc.
    - Safety. Questions about withdrawing money, how much privacy do you have in the bankshop( It's mainly open space, the things you discuss can be heard by others etc.)

    The questions for the second group is about:

    -Why don't they visit the bankshop
    -What needs to change for you to come visit
    - Input from the members of mangahelpers

    And now comes my cry for help. I'm a little bit stuck on how I should formulate these questions. I hope you guys can help me

    Ps. If this is not the appropiate place can someone show me the appropiate place for this topic
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