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Thread: T.R.A.P. by Yamatoya Eco

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    T.R.A.P. by Yamatoya Eco

    By: Yamatoya Eco
    Genre: Sports, Drama
    Serialized In: Shonen Sunday

    A lone boy standing on the beach. A loss of memories. The death of a great friend. A soccer club that had fallen apart. Mysteriously overwhelming skill. The name of the young man is Amakusa Kain. A new kind of feeling of soccer suspense begins here.

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    Re: T.R.A.P. by Yamatoya Eco

    Hi, sorry for going all necromancer with this thread, but I just wanna ask if there are people willing to work on this? I'd like to be the typesetter if you don't have one. Raws are also hard to find (or maybe I'm just not good at searching for raws), so if there's anyone else is interested, maybe we can collab on this? I read up until chapter 19 and it seemed good, IMO.

    Yup, I'm seriously lazy... T_T

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