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Thread: Guts and other strong/ bad ass characters

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    Re: Guts and other strong/ bad ass characters

    Quote Originally Posted by 102jayday View Post
    Okay alot of people been talking about how other characters are stronger than guts. Like sure DBZ are too powerful for anyone but the poll about that dude whos in baki the grappler is stronger than guts, i say no, guts may not be a martial artist but his a hardcore fighter who knows how to fight and thats being dirty and hang in there till you kill.

    Gut's is really strong, he took down 100 men by himself and he can fight the aspotles like we all saw the others get own by aspostles and guts is there ripping out one of their horns and using it as a weapon. Guts has that thing when you knock him down he keeps getting up and asks for more.
    The only other character I have seen in manga that can give Guts a run for his money is Kenshiro from Fist of North Star. He is almost completely similar to Guts except when it comes to fighting style. Imagine Guts as Bruce Lee without a sword and you get Kenshiro. He fights by attacking his opponents nerve points precisely causing them to die whenever he wants them to.
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    Re: Guts and other strong/ bad ass characters

    Compared guts with others characters outside berserk it's stupid because guts is a monsters hunters who it's almost equal to immortal zoo with no berserk armor and the others bunch of morons you'll mentioned I don't tink they could hold against immortal zoo so in my opinions don't compared those trash with berserk world. Because they only face human again human.

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