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Thread: - Vampire Fetish, Land of Lions, Two Keys, S-I-N, etc.

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    Thumbs Up - Vampire Fetish, Land of Lions, Two Keys, S-I-N, etc.

    I think there are some fantastic reads here:

    * Best part is that it updates monthly! I think many of these are well worth a look. I stumbled across it on MangaFox and I haven't looked back since.

    Some heavy hitters here: Vampire Fetish, Land of Lions, S-I-N, Novus Karma

    MangaMagazine Facebook

    I think my favorite so far has got to be Vampire Fetish. The name is pretty silly, but it's explained in the first chapter. It's literally making fun of the vampires of folklore (the author says they used to bury people with knots so they'd have something to "count" should they become a vampire in the grave, so it IS historically based. Sort of!) But the main character is flippin' awesome, man! Hahaha. I guess that kind of silly humor is right up my alley. Good dialogue, excellent paneling, and a but surprising! But realistically, there's probably something for everyone at the site.


    Vampire Fetish

    Jude Hawthorne can't get seem to get published. Fortunately, his nightly vampire hunting exploits are sustaining the awful reality that is London rent. But it's not an easy second job to hold. He doesn't like it, for one. Vampires are stupid. And his unorthodox methods constantly get him into hot water with officials. Some higher-ups would like to see him thrown into a mental asylum. Should he give up vampire hunting and risk unemployment? Can he manage to convince everyone that donning high heels and lipstick is completely sensible when done in the proper context?
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    Comic or Manga I'm Reading at the Moment = Vampire Fetish

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