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Thread: General Section Suggestion Thread

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    General Section Suggestion Thread

    Hello there and thank you for stopping by the General Discussion section and the Suggestion thread. MangaHelpers is a community that values their members above all and seeing as the concept of a suggestion thread in, for example, the Naruto Section are getting such good response we want to implement the idea of a Suggestion thread here in the General Discussion section as well.

    We made this thread to create a dialogue with you, the members, to let you share your thoughts with us about the section generally and to ask you about what else you would like to see in this section.
    We would very much love to get feedback on how to involve you, the members, more with section development, suggestions about how to appeal more to MangaHelpers current members that aren't interested in this section, as well as suggestions about how to increase the staff-member communication.
    Of course we would very much like it if you only drop by to say that you're happy with how things are, or that you would like X, or Y thread to be created.

    While we can't promise to implement (or agree with) every suggestion, we would at least like to hear what everyone has to say. So please let us know what you think and how we can improve. Also, before we start the discussion there's one thing that has to be made clear.
    This is not a place to discuss Forum Rules and Guidelines
    This is supposed to be a thread where we come can come together and try to improve the General section.. not be bogged down in discussing why one of your posts were deleted. Like always, if you ever feel that one of your posts were unfairly deleted or something else, you are more than welcome to PM a mod and politely discuss it with them. If you still feel that it was unjust, you are free to contact one of our Admins. The staff currently responsible for the General Discussion section and whom you most likely will hear from are the following;

    Iceiphoenix and goldb

    Thank you in advance.
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