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Thread: Magazine Raw Scans?

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    Magazine Raw Scans?

    I've recently scanned in some low quality Magazine scans, 300dpi.

    When I use the ruler tool and drag it down the straight borders and rotate it and it seems fine until I use the crop tool. When I use it there's usually a lot of image cut off and I don't really want this but is it inevitable? Are magazine scans usually not straight?


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    Re: Magazine Raw Scans?

    I don't really see how we can help you, you got the images, so you should be able to judge best unless you show us some samples.

    To answer your question though, quite many pages in the magazine raws I work on aren't straight, so yes, it's nothing unusual.

    Just go for the lesser evil. Don't rotate the page to make it 100% straight if you don't want to cut off too much. Rotate as little as possible to cut of as little as possible and still get the page straight enough for your taste.

    I compared One Piece magazine raws with One Piece volume raws of the same chapters a long time ago and noticed how the one raws were cut off in width by about 30-50px (in a 1200px height version) and the others by the same amount but in height, so both were missing quite "massive" bits of the "original" image. Since then I never again really cared about cutting off the 15-20px (maximum) in magazine raws if they are unstraight. That's basically nothing after you resize.
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