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Thread: The Philosopher's Journal (Working manga title)

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    The Philosopher's Journal (Working manga title)


    First chapter and prologue script are here! See below for details!

    A Manga idea I thought about but these are just the basics.

    This story tells about mutated humans in a fictional world, the world is in risk of falling into ruin if a sacred item isn’t returned to its original place.

    Base plot

    Spoiler show

    Other story elements

    The New World

    Spoiler show

    The Sanctuary

    Spoiler show

    The Architects

    Spoiler show

    The countries

    Spoiler show


    Sorry for the delay, I have come back with more factors and characters.

    Now I have a main setting. The fictional country where this story starts is called Paroga, I won't say based because it's an adventure type story and settings are due to change from time to time.

    The main city itself is called Station City, (I'll be explaining this later) and it is home to many residents including the main characters.

    Background story of the city

    Spoiler show

    Rebirth energy

    Spoiler show

    Main protagonists

    Noel Victor

    Spoiler show


    Spoiler show

    Tallulah Greenhart

    Spoiler show

    Violet Rose

    Spoiler show

    More updates coming soon!

    Sorry about all this text information, I can't draw and I don't have the time or an assistant to help me learn how It's annoying because other ideas that have actual drawings get more attention than mine but this is my only way of putting my ideas through.


    Prologue (Script version)

    Spoiler show

    Chapter one

    Spoiler show

    I'd like to hear any additional ideas, suggestions, positive comments, constructive criticism and artists who are interested in doing the artwork for characters.

    Prologue and Chapter one are here!
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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner HanaKuragari's Avatar
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    Re: The Philosopher's Journal (Working manga title)

    I'd like to hear more about the job:

    rate of pay, workload, responsibilities, etc.

    contact me here or via e-mail: or

    current active site:

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