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Thread: Was Historia originally supposed to have such a role in this story?

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    Was Historia originally supposed to have such a role in this story?

    So lately I've been having a pretty damn weird life, and coming up with random theories on about 9000 different things. As this manga is pretty awesome, some of them have of course had to do with it, but usually it'd be nothing particularly amusing or threadworthy.

    Not that this thread has to be particularly interesting either (to each hiw own opinion of "interesting", for starters), but I thought I might as well throw in the idea now while it's still around my head.

    So, our topic:

    "I am Historia Reiss, THE TRUE QUEEN OF THIS WALL!!!". Now, pronouncing that in front of a crowd who don't have the slightest clue of who you are shows balls Ymir would definitely be proud of.

    But was she supposed to be, from the beginning? In the author's original idea for the plot?

    It has been stated by the man himself that he originally intended to have a pretty dark ending to this story, but the popularity of it had become very large and he was reconsidering this. I read the whole 60-ish chapters that were already out when I caught this story (last november) in a weekend, and while reading I had noticed that there was a particular moment when things started changing from "WE ARE TOTALLY DOOMED" to a "WE ARE MOST LIKELY GONNA GET KILLED" vibe. Then I read Isayama's interview stating that, and I was all "OOOH. maybe I was up to something".

    The time when I spotted a change in the story's vibe is the time when the titan shifters start popping out of everywhere (RBY) and Eren's "I'm totally special" motive changes from being humanity's one and only titan to "a titan that has the coordinate skill!1!one!!". Because seriously, when RBY are revealed, Eren's titan form seems to be the weakest among all of the revealed titans:

    The tough-ass, door-breaking armored titan!
    The huge, hot-as-the-fumes-from-hell-itself colossal titan!
    The agile, quick and quick-witted dancing titan!!!
    And Eren. Whose titan is a damn pussy with no particular awesome skill. Basic titan power, as they have recently called it, indeed.

    But Eren suddenly becoming a cool titan who could instruct the other titans when he never could do sh*te back in Trost as his classmates and friends were dying left and right is not the point of this thread.

    The point is, before RBY are identified as titans and the coordinate shows up, this is exactly the moment when focus switches to the extremely cute and minor character Christa Renz.

    We had seen Christa near Ymir by then, of course, and Ymir was "jokingly" telling her to marry her from pretty much the beginning (I do love these 2 as a couple, bear with me). Oh by the way, we never knew Ymir's name until chapter 36, either. We had heard her name in Ilse's sidestory, so there was obviously an Ymir girl, and sure they do look alike, we realized when this was revealed (which was probably the reason why the titan acted all strange to poor Ilse).

    Now, I'm positive Ymir was always supposed to have a role as a mysterious figure and all. But Christa being the illegitimate child of the real king of the wall? Sorry, I'm not sure this was planned in the very beginning.

    Christa was the cute goddess of the division, kind, selfless, self-sacrificial Christa who was sort of bullied in a love-hate relationship with her tall nameless friend ("Bitch please, ou have chosen to join the scouting legion, don't you fucking cry now" comes to mind) who had made it to the top 10, so hey, she wasn't totally irrelevant but, minor character.

    Suddenly both this wall cult priest and Ymir and Christa's flashback to the mountain imply that she has a much deeper past and role than we had thought. The complicated relationship between these 2 is much more explored. We find out that Ymir, who had decided to live only for herself suddenly started caring more about Christa than about her own life.

    But for some reason Ymir decides to go save R&B (possibly as thanks for having allowed her to meet Christa) instead of sticking with her girl, and Christa is devastated and forgets about her Christa persona and embraces Historia's identity (for someone who rages I WILL NEVER FORGIVE HER you are doing exactly what she wanted you to do. h, the love :P ).

    We also find out that Christa/Historia is not only someone important in an important family, but that the King is a fake and she is the one and only heir to the current real king. Plus she also had this really nice sister who took care of her, and was later murdered by Eren's father, and oh the drama and the impressive character development for a character hat had been a running joke-ish of "CUTE!!!!!ANGEL!!!! GODDESS!!!! MARRY ME!!!!" for half the story we've read so far.

    Also for some extra kicks, the only pairing that has received more canon-fuel than Ymir&Historia is Mikasa and Eren, and we've seen these 2 as the main characters since the very first chapter. Romance is an awesome tool for character development, and Historia definitely needed the help to become a relevant character. We had hints about Ymir being important. We had nothing about Christa. Put them together with some obvious deep relationship between the 2, and the mystery-aura of Ymir will rub-off on "the hell is Christa other than that cutie?" popularity and plot-relevance.

    So... What's your opinion? Do you think Historia was supposed to have this much of an important role when this story started? Or do you think her relevance suddenly popped into Isayama's head in a random flash of creativity as he was writing this story?

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    Re: Was Historia originally supposed to have such a role in this story?

    Honestly I think she was probably always intended to be very important, I just think that Isayama handled this plot element poorly and should've done more to foreshadow the ~false king~ or whatever and Historia being royalty; it seemed to largely come out of nowhere and then suddenly take over the plot, aha. I suppose it's possible that he made it up as he went along, but I can't really see that, to be honest, when her family is such a big part of the worldbuilding in the series.
    I believe that the coordinate ability and Reiss family drama were most likely planned from the beginning, given Grisha's line about "their memories" helping Eren, and just how intent on capturing Eren RBA were. In general I think that Eren's titan was always intended to get upgrades so to speak, though he did start off just having normal titan abilities (or.. mostly? I mean, he did pull off some pretty impressive stuff in Trost haha.) I think that the coordinate ability made sense and explains why capturing him was So Important. Admittedly the hardening upgrade was pretty convenient, but since it got them out of that damn cave I can't complain about his titan being made more special.

    The mountain flashback gives me reason to believe that Historia had always been intended to be important, it finally gave some insight into her character rather than keeping her the one-dimensional "goddess" of the 104th, and along with it came a revelation that she was from an important family. We didn't know how important back then (and FWIW I do wish Isayama had kept it to her being important nobility or some such, if only because the "make Historia queen" subplot was.. not handled very well) but between that and her connection with Ymir, who clearly has quite a bit of plot importance, I thought it was clear she would be a major character. I didn't expect her to be this major and I do not like the way Isayama handled a lot of things this last plot arc, but I think it'll be less overwhelming once the plot has more going on than standing around discussing Reiss family history. We've seen enough of that hahaha.

    A lot of the story reveals lately haven't been to my taste, but I would be surprised if Isayama hadn't had these ideas for a while. They're a little too important to the setting, and while I don't think Isayama has fully fleshed out the world, I've always gotten the impression that he at least had most of the basics sorted out, you know? Or at least I hope he does... especially since the way Eren got the coordinate ability pretty much ensures that the Reiss family stuff will have relevance to the basement arc (when/if that happens), and I dearly hope that Isayama has the basement at least mostly planned out, lol.
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