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Thread: BLEACH anime may end soon !!

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    Re: BLEACH anime may end soon !!

    Quote Originally Posted by THM Nindo View Post
    So, the fillers are starting in 3 episodes...
    And we probably will have for at least 6-months, most likely a full year of fillers....

    I wonder what kind of fillers, it will be.
    It would be nice to have some fillers that would actually happen after the event of Ichigo Vs Aizen.

    We could see what's happening in SS with the others after the war, or something like that...
    That would be interesting, but since Kubo didn't show SS yet, it's unlikely that the manga would go there...
    Nah, we won't see that. It's probably fillers in the past and random omakes and stuff like that.

    It's not going to be cannon, it's going to be stuff that Kubo had on paper but didn't had time to show it on the manga, like the bounts, the 2nd filler and the Zampakutou fillers.

    Quote Originally Posted by zeltrax225 View Post
    The thing is, they like the characters.
    2nd division...
    let me think.. isn't that Soi fon?
    Wait a minute, don't tell me they are doing a flashback filler where everything is in the past?
    I know Bleach is a cash cow but going this far..?!
    I really really hope they don't skip the Ichigo and Rukia scene at the end but it looks like they may..
    Damn, they should just end it.
    Going this far? It's showing stuff in the past, stuff that doesn't alter anything on the story, bits of information that were there but @ the same time weren't.

    I think it's cool.

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    Re: BLEACH anime may end soon !!

    Quote Originally Posted by slmcknett View Post
    Plus, nobody's even going to watch the show after Aizen's defeated, so they're just gonna be wasting a crapload of money for no apparently good reason.
    If they don't do filler, nobody can guarantee Bleach gets it timeslot back when it returns

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