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Thread: Need help with a few lines...

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    Sweaty Need help with a few lines...

    These lines come from the manga adaptation of Rolan the Forgotten King. Like Jun Mochizuki's work Pandora Hearts, this manga has quite a few European derived terms and some of it is throwing me and the rest of my group's translators off. I'm posting this for my translator and the computer im using doesn't support Japanese text so I have to post this in romanji form. Sorry about this >_<'

    What in bold is what we are having difficulty with.

    Here is a link to an online viewer of the scans. Rolan Online Viewer

    kamigami ga sekai wo osameta oukon jidai ikou from page 6. Not sure about this one

    Also, Norandia and Arekusen on page 6. These are map locations. Would these be changed to Nolandia and Alexson?

    shugyoutoshi rengou - Rengou from the Capital Shugyou is what we are getting. This is on page 7. Would Rengou be a town or a family? It sounds a bit off.

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    Re: Need help with a few lines...

    Can you guys elaborate? What do you mean?
    Last edited by mote; January 12, 2011 at 08:10 PM.

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