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Thread: Translations with floating boxes - what is it called and where do I get more info?

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    Translations with floating boxes - what is it called and where do I get more info?

    I'm interested in providing translations along with the original text. The best (and only) method I've found this far is the one used in some *booru sites (such as this in Gelbooru). However I didn't find any related posts from this forum. Perhaps I just don't the name of that technique. So I have some questions related to this.

    - Is there a name for this?
    - Are there other similar but better techniques I might be interested in? (for example something working offline, or better targeted for whole mangas instead of single images)
    - What would be the simplest way for me to start translating this way? Simpler than setting up my own *booru.

    Any other help or information is also greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Alright, let me give myself a partial answer. At Booru I can set up my own Booru for free.

    However the disadvantages are lack of multifile uploading and the lack of simple backup functionality.

    So, still looking for help.
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