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Thread: Claymore 113 Discussion/114 Predictions

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    Re: Claymore 113 Discussion/114 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by Mei Terumi View Post
    Just one thing, about the spoiler of ch 114...... Gooooood byeeeee Raki chan.....

    The trainer sisters going to defeat a human?? It's not possible........see her face on the scene against raki.........there is something wrong.... !
    Who are the trainer sisters?(maybe i've simply forgotten)

    Also, in my opinion, I think Yagi will just do several glimpses of Raki's seemingly depressing fate, kind of like a subliminal message of sorts for the chapter.

    Soil. Can you dig it?

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    Re: Claymore 113 Discussion/114 Predictions

    the "TATs" (Trainee Awakening Twins) are the new Twin Claymores who fully Awaken using the Soul Link, however they are still under training as Trainees, and not as "combat learned" as Alicia+Beth, however they are better at Awakening and the Soul Link than Alicia+Beth, but, they still have a bit of emotions which interferes with their combat. They fought against Miria.

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