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Thread: how the hell is this?

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    mmmm.... i can't tell??? it seems that i see trees after trees with wavying grass and a few birds...
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    Green Grin Re: how the hell is this?

    HEY HEY HEY! I am not saying they are not creations or not living beings that can make their own decisions, therefore have a persona making them an integral part of a society (like the chicken I ate yesterday and prayed it farewell to this world and into my energy for the good of another integral society)!*
    I say they don't have genders 'cause they don't reproduce. simple enough?

    And yes these "living" dolls imbue ideals in their manifestation that a human gender exhibit (depending a society's indoctrinated gender roles). (I also wrote somewhere here about them..,. and my theory for them....)

    SO barbie doll is "female gender role creation of the ideal (insert time and theme of the barbie and its location as it is being attempted to be stereotyped from the intensions of the designer)" and not female by six or body parts (must I expand).... IOW, a doll. When it can make decision about its place and duty in this world, then we talk about intellect. Not reproduction.

    (these statements do not include my personal stance in the perception of created "beings" and how they are used in a society)

    *I am not mad, I am playing mad like Bast-Allium.
    did I also mention this was one of my most enjoyable scenes?:
    Son of whom, again?
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    and visit , she has some inspiring pics. esp. "Yummy-75464373".

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