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Thread: Hello (=ヮ=) Total noob being noobish

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    Sweaty Hello (=ヮ=) Total noob being noobish

    I'm new here...Well, not really much to say than, I'm a somewhat of a writer and I draw manga here and there. I'm here t=for some manga tips and maybe how to draw tutorials (If there are any)
    So far I've been doing a Sailor V fan manga...i have a habit for keeping my manga close to the story as possible, leaving little Sailor Moon hints at the end. A mix of the Anime Sailor Moon, it's manga, Code Name: Sailor V and some stuff I'm adding/making up
    When it comes to my manga's plot, I'll usually make up certain stuff as i go until i get to the scene i want.
    I'm having trouble with some drawings like guns or cars...animals...^^;
    you get the idea.
    So Hello ^^ *goes to read the rules*
    Also, are we allowed to post fan manga (such as mine) here?
    here's a WIP of a page i thought about, that might appear later...done in Ms Paint too

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    Re: Hello (=ヮ=) Total noob being noobish

    Hello nik10hedgehog - welcome to mh!!
    Glad to have another person who likes to draw here. I'm not sure if we have a specific drawing tutotrial on here. However we do have the Amateur Manga & Fanfics and Stories sections.

    We also have an art contest sectoin but the contest is currently going a revamp so its out of commison for the time being. You should also check out the Fun Forum , Last person to post win thread. Thats our spam secton - no post counts.

    Nice artwoork as well, I like it. If you like to make sigs - try out the bi weekly signature contest.

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