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Thread: Romance in the Manga/Anime/Asian Drama World

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    Re: Romance in the Manga/Anime/Asian Drama World

    Quote Originally Posted by destiny4ever View Post
    Reviving this thread with a new topic :

    In one of the anime series I’m currently watching there is a girl who for some time has liked one of her classmates. She has liked him for quite some time. However, because of her shyness and maybe herfear of rejection and getting her heart broken she has never told the boy about her feelings for him. She has been waiting for him to take the initiative…but it seems she has waited a bit too long…a new girl has appeared in the boy’s life and she has had a great impact on this boy’s life, moreover, this boy is developing some feelings for this new girl. Therefore, the first girl that I talked about has lost her chance with the boy she likes.

    I have seen this scenario in various anime series (and even in RL) and in the end the boy or the girl end up losing the chance with the person they like/love and all that is left is that question: “What would have happened if I had confessed to him/her”?

    So I was wondering…in love relationships…is it wise to wait for the other person to take the initiative? Should a person overcome her/his shyness or fear of rejection? Or should a person leave things to fate (it is meant to be it will happen, if it isn’t meant to be it won’t)?
    An interesting question, and I don't think their really is an answer. People are like snowflakes. Every single one of us is different, what's true for one person might be untrue for the next. So people just have to do what they think is right and hope for the best.

    I'd like to ask a question to everyone a question of my own though...

    'What are the things you most like to see in pairings/romance?'

    What "factors" (characters, themes, situations, or whatever) tend to peak your interest in a couple?

    For me it's seeing a character or characters "out of their element". I'll use the example of Boa Hancock from One Piece. Being in love is just something she isn't prepared to deal with, which makes her way of dealing with it uniquely entertaining to me.

    Some other examples would be..

    Ryu from Kimi ni Todoke
    Eureka from Eureka Seven
    Sheila from Superior
    Senjogahara from Bakemonogatari

    Simply put, I like it when love completely knocks characters out of their comfort zone.
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    Re: Romance in the Manga/Anime/Asian Drama World

    Great subtopic, Jammin!

    I think what I am most drawn to in pairings/romance is when the couple have enough difference between them that they complete each other (like yin and yang). I'm not drawn to extreme opposites, but just enough that they challenge each other and cause each other to grow and develop. Of course, these manifest themselves differently in each manga. In that sense, I don't mind if the pairing is allegorical, ie. its not romantic but they represent something that each other lacks.

    Like for example, Allen and Lenalee from D.Gray-man are very similar in personality, but their ideologies make them extremely different from one another. Their magical weapons are inverses of each other too: Lenalee's are a pair of black boots that are offensive, while Allen's his left arm, which turns white when he fights. For Lenalee what's important is her family, her roots, hence why her power is focused on her feet & legs. Allen wants to cleanse the world from evil, as well as cleanse himself, hence his deformed red arm turns a bright white when he fights. Erm...yeah, I like it when there is a clear compare and contrast between a would-be couple.

    But then again, Allen and Lenalee are just one example. Akiyama and Nao from Liar Game are another would-be couple that I like because they start off really different from one another but as the series goes on, they rub off on each other and become more human. Akiyama is extremely guarded, he doesn't want to trust anyone, and because he studied psychology he feels he can manipulate anyone. Nao is foolishly honest, wants to blindly believe the best in people, and is incredibly naive. But through their interactions with one another, they become much more balanced people (Akiyama learns to trust, Nao learns to doubt others). Which in turn, helps the plot. I ship it romantically, but in the manga its not so much romantic as its just pure and simple character development through their relationship.

    On a completely unromantic note, and I mean really just purely platonic--I like this yin/yang part of Oga and Furuichi's friendship too, from Beelzebub. They're quite different from one another, but by being around each other they've changed to become the two idiots we all know and love. Furuichi becomes self-aware and resourceful because of Oga, and Oga becomes more humane and less of a delinquent because of Furuichi. Another way they complement each other is of course, their comedy routine with Oga being the bokke to Furuichi's tsukkomi.

    Sorry Jammin, I ended up writing an essay.
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