About the series:
In Japan of 1923, a seventeen year-old girl named Takiko Okuda is living with her ill mother after recently moving to a small town. Her father - being a busy novelist and has never been home - comes home one day, much to Takiko's chagrin. He apparently has been working on something called "The Universe of the Four Gods" and even after returning home, is obsessed with the book. Her mother soon dies and Takiko becomes angry at her father for ignoring the two of them. These feelings, paired with her feelings of loneliness and uselessness at being rejected both in love and by her father, lead her to attempt to tear the book apart. However, it instead whisks her away to the country of Hokkan (the northernmost of the four countries in "The Universe of the Four gods" book which is guarded by the beast god Genbu) where all of her adventures begin.

Status: 9 volumes (ongoing)
Magazine: Rinka by Shogakukan