Title: Otoyome-gatari
Genres: Slice of life, Historical
Author: MORI Kaoru
Artist: Mori Kaoru
Start Date:
End Date:
Number of chapters at review: 15
Number of chapters read by reviewer: 15

General Overview: A quick overview of the plot, be careful not to give any spoilers away. This should be a paragraph or two at most.

A bride's story or Otoyome-gatari tells the tale of young couple, Amira and Karluk, who live in a tribe along the silk road. Mr. Schmidt a Western scholar is there to document the everyday life of the tribe, their cultural activity and conflicts with other tribes.
Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

Art: 10

The art is one of the most amazing and detailed arts I've seen in manga until now. Of course the detail of the art sometimes is not very important, but in this case where the accuracy of certain cultural elements are highlighted, the details are very important, and the mangaka lives up to the expectations.
Facial expressions, paneling, the angles from which the events are shown transmit the tension or the calm idillic feeling of the respective events.
Top notch in this category.



The underlying theme of the manga is freedom. Freedom from political oppression, clan/family oppression, and maintaining ones culture identity despite such conflicts.
This is beautifully transcribed in the everyday life of the tribes that live along the Silk Road.

The slice of life and historical genre are not the ones that offer too much originality for a manga. However in this case the setting and the premise of the plot are ones that make the difference.
The beginning of the 20th century, when the 1st WW was imminent, and the great focus on the cultural detail aren't areas that are usually taken by mangaka and transformed into a cohesive story.
So I think that these two elements are the ones that confer the originaity of the manga, but other than that, there's nothing much to mention.