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Thread: Favorite panel/page/moment

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    Favorite panel/page/moment

    Ok, so I have been thinking of bringing some discussion to this sub - forum, I know that it is not active because of the long hiatus of the manga, but that does not mean we can have a great time and not discuss things about it. Ok, so here is where to post the favorite manga moments, pages and panels, basically things that happened in the manga that you really like. I know Liar Game does not have many epic pages because the manga is not like a typical fighting manga, but you can post the pages you thought were for example deciding in a game, pages where you thought the characters look good and so on.

    To start things off I will post one of my favorite pages:

    It is the page where I believe Yokoya was tricked the most in the pandemic game.

    Spoiler: Awesome Akiyama face show

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    Re: Favorite panel/page/moment

    I have so many I can't decide ;p This thread reminds me how I miss LG

    I love the way He look at Nao ^^

    Soo intense ;P

    Love this expresion *_*

    soo cold baby ;p

    And many others panels Ohh I gave only Akiyama panels - too much fangirl in me :P
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