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Thread: Family guy: Evil Stewie vs Gay Stewie

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    Family guy: Evil Stewie vs Gay Stewie

    Ok, anyone who watches the family has seen stewie has changed considerably during the series. At first he was an evil SOB who's greatest ambition after world domination was to murder his mom. He had an assortment of futuristic weapons and inventions including weather control devices, laser guns and time machines. As the series moved on he changed from that to a sexually confused disturbed one year old who no longer seems bent on world domination nor seems to possess an arsenal of destructive futuristic weapons. He is progressively shown more like a stereotypical homosexual.

    So which one do you prefer? Old evil stewie or the current sexually confused one? To be honest I miss the good catchphrases of the evil one such as "What the deuce" or "victory shall be mine". Even the old voice seems better. I don't think the change from evil to gay is necessarily bad though (lets face it, plain evil results in a very uni dimensional character) but I do think it should be more balanced so that the evil part is not completely lost. Any thoughts?

    Seriously, no one around here watches the family guy?
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