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Thread: En Passant by YUZUNOKI Taro

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    En Passant by YUZUNOKI Taro

    En Passant
    Publishing Status:Ongoing
    Serialized in
    : GanGan ONLINE
    Published by
    : Square Enix

    From the creator of Stray Keys, Yuzunoki Taro brings us En Passant. Kujou Shin, is a 15 year old boy who has inherited the power of 'X-Ray' and is the successor to the worlds most powerful and secretive organization, Verde. As 'King' of this organization and wielder of X-Ray, he would have the power to choose whatever future he wants. The only problem is, Kujou is the most negative, uncaring, pessimistic person ever! So much so that his classmates call him "Negative Shin" as he has no attachments and ponders taking his life quite frequently. Unfortunately for him though, there are other forces in the world that wont allow this and Shin is forced into a fight for his future. [vintagemistakes]

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