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  • Team Cueball Cubed

    51 56.04%
  • Team Krazy Kidz

    40 43.96%
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Thread: Team Cueball Cubed vs Team Krazy Kidz

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    Re: Team Cueball Cubed vs Team Krazy Kidz

    Quote Originally Posted by xXan View Post
    Why do people bring this up? WW never blitzed Ukitake, he backstabed him ffs. Do you really think Ukitake is like 50 times slower then Mashiro? Because WW could not even hit Mashiro as long as she had her mask ...
    Ukitake was looking at that big hollow and WW got a hit in, nothing more.
    Why you people think WW is so fast that a senior captain can't even comprehend him is beyond me ..Epecialy one that was keeping up with Starrk. So now WW is way faster then Starrk right? Like at least 20 times faster ...
    To be honest, I don't see anything wrong with believing any of this. I mean, you kinda exxagerated most of it (20x faster than Starrk etc), but the barebones statements you made would ring true

    WW isn't consistent. One minute he's blitzing the daylights out of Ukitake and Shunsui (Shunsui reacted just as much as Ukitake did, which was not fast enough. And yes, Shunsui was looking too), the other he's playing around with Mashiro.

    WW is fast, and strong. Personally I believe him to be the strongest Arrancar in the manga

    Ukitake's only excuse would be that he was off guard, because it was a kid. It happens you know

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    Re: Team Cueball Cubed vs Team Krazy Kidz

    Team Cueball Cubed wins! They shall advance into the next round. Discuss the result of this match and all others in the Tournament Discussion thread.

    Stay tuned for more details!

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