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Thread: Hello o/ Returning to the world of scanlations~

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    Hello o/ Returning to the world of scanlations~

    Hello everyone o/

    It has been many years since I retired from the scanlation world, and circumstances have lead me to once again look into stepping back into a world I left behind due to being busy with study/work.

    This is going to be a bit of a long intro...

    After studying some basic Japanese in high school, I started out as a J>E translator back in late 2004/early 2005, I remember offering my services on the Manga News (Manga Jouhou) forums for the first time and being inundated with requests. I have trouble saying no to people, so I took on way too many projects than what I could handle at the time, some of which I didn't really have much interest in.

    Eventually I settled with the group Kawaii-Heavens and worked on several projects that I greatly enjoyed, many were coincidentally manga adaptations of anime adaptations of eroge (Shuffle, Utawarerumono, Happiness, Fate Stay Night). They were such a great group of people, and we had so much fun working on our scanlations. But given that we were all adults, jokingly referred to ourselves as "old perverts", with real-life responsibilities we all kind of drifted apart. I went on to work on an English translation of the Utawarerumono PC game as a member of Soylations, and we teamed up with Mirror Moon to make it all happen. But after that, real life caught up with me and I no longer had time for fan translations.

    Since then, there have been many changes to my life. I'm no longer studying, I work full time, and I share a house with my adorable boyfriend. In my spare time I've been playing MMORPGs, watching anime, and doing web development as a hobby. Now I'm looking to go back to my roots and recapture the fun I had when working with Kawaii Heavens and Soylations. Both groups are now long dead though.

    I have never considered myself fluent in Japanese. Back when I did translations, I relied heavily on dictionaries and help from fellow translators at Manga News (sad to see the site has since been taken over by hackers). But I think my strengths are in being able to read kanji without furigana (my Chinese background greatly helps with this) so I was often assigned to projects where there were no furigana. When I worked with Soylations, I remember the more experienced translators commenting about how my translation style (the way I converted the Japanese to English) was very good, after all, I have lived in Australia for most of my life and consider English my main language, since it is the language I think in. I take pride in this because I have read so many scanlations where the English is just so awkward and weird to read. I consider translation an art, with a fine balance between accuracy in meaning, and coherence in the destination language.

    This time around, I'm looking to focus on improving my Japanese fluency. I did the JLPT a few years ago, I think it was level 3 (this was back when there were only 4 levels). I don't know if I will ever attempt the higher levels of JLPT because my strengths are in reading and reading comprehension. I'm no good with the speaking, listening and writing composition.

    I haven't decided whether or not to join another group. I'm thinking of re-doing the translations I did for Utawarerumono because I remember the raws for the first two chapters were in Chinese (yes, I dabble in C>E too). I bought the Japanese manga of Utawarerumono years ago because I love Utawarerumono So that may be my first post-retirement project. I may look into joining a group if they have a project that interests me. I have learned from experience that the work suffers if I have no interest in what I'm translating, it must be a labour of love.

    TL: DR Hi everyone! I hope the scanlation community is as fun and supportive as I remember it, and I look forward to not only improving my skills as a translator, but to also give back to the community that has given me so much joy in the past
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    Re: Hello o/ Returning to the world of scanlations~

    Hi roxybudgy, welcome to Manga Helpers forum! ^_^

    I understand what you mean.. spreading oneself too thin on projects really takes a huge toll - not only on yourself but for your team, too. Take care!
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