1.)Kurono is going to ask raki why he has yoki radiating from himself that originates from the destroyer / priscilla .
2.) Kurono will ask why the claymores are escorting him around. Those two ideas seem legit, albeit very unimaginative.
(In reality however, I'd like to leave questions unanswered / unspoiled, however this isn't a spoiler, just a "Prediction" thread. So I'll ask the ultimate question right now since nobody seems to have ANY freakin idea what Kurono will possibly ask raki at this point.)

Is Kurono going to ask raki if it's ok to join forces with the team of Clare, Galatea, Helen, Miria and the rest in order to defeat priscilla and the BB?

Kurono is going to try to take raki hostage if they refuse to join forces (if that's even what is asked in the first place) because he knows clare is powerful enough to suppress the black blob, So he'll try to make demands by forcing the team to defeat the awakeneds in the town and the BB, by holding onto raki and using him as leverage.

--I don't know Kuronos personality type so I can't say for sure if he lacks honor and would try to take a hostage to preserve his own life, but considering the fact that in the previous chapters / pages leading up to the assault on labona, there was a moment in which -- The awakened beings gathered around the border / hills of labona mentioned the fact they're going to secure information as to what threatens their survival. So I wouldn't put it past them in pulling sneaky / downright bastard stunts in order to gain an upper hand in any situation.

----Ah now onto the reality check question ; Is chronos(Kurono) going to ask raki if he's an awakened being? I will be so disappointed if THAT is the question that I waited 6 months for, to be asked by Kurono..

Also, here's a good challenge, I'll pay anyone 49.79$, over paypal, exactly enough money to buy the last 2 vol's of Claymore for correctly guessing the conversation they're going to have. You have 7 days to think of it starting today, If you guess correctly I will exchange my PP info and literally transfer you funds under " lol u win claymore monies ".

Lets see what you got people. :3

Remember guys You can't spoil stuff that you don't already know yourself for it to be spoiled for others in the first place