The best webtoon I found so far that's provided on the Huffington Post in collaboration with Spottoon, a new Korean webtoon platform.

First of all, Love Maker comes up with a genuinely creative story about Cupid, the little baby God of Love with his bow and arrow. In Love Maker Cupid is not a little baby with a bow and arrow, instead he is a seemingly middle-aged, sigar-smoking bad-ass who carries a revolver instead of a bow and arrow.
This already makes for a funny plot, but the plot becomes even better:
Cupid's living on Mt. Olympus with all other Gods and divine creatures and stands out because of his kind of inappropriate behavior. Cupid's problem is that he takes advantage of his power by using his revolver to make hot goddesses fall in love with him, making for a record number of goddesses that he's shared the bed with and eventually causing a public outrage. Zeus then feels Cupid should be taught a lesson and decides to ban him to live among the humans on earth while stripping him of his power(s). Now Cupid has to try to adapt to this new environment and somehow find a way to redeem himself and get his power back.

Apart from the great story which is well structured and with good character build up, Love Maker offers a lot of humor and a drawing style that fits to the story.

It's a little bit different from the typical manga/manhwa/anime, but no less the fun. It can be read on the Huffington Post (episodes uploaded weekly) or on (not sure how many episodes are already available there)