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Thread: The Breaker: New Waves

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    The Breaker: New Waves

    Title: Breaker: New Waves (브레이커NW, The Breaker 2, The Breaker: NW, The Breaker: Part 2)
    Genres: Manwha, Seinen, Action, Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts, School Life
    Author: Jeon Geuk-jin
    Artist: Park Jin-Hwan
    Publication: Daum
    Start Date: 2010
    End Date: N/A
    Number of chapters at review: 22 (Ongoing)
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 22

    General Overview:
    A few weeks after having his center of ki broken, Shioon is back to his normal life or so he thought. Yet, he's unable to escape the Murim world that he was sudden enveloped in.

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 8

    The art style is different from early chapters of "The Breaker" and carried the change in art style found in the later chapters of "The Breaker." It is more anime though the line art doesn't seem that thin.

    Plot: 8

    After the decisive ending in "The Breaker," the world of the Murim is a mess. The Martial Arts Alliance is in shambles. Many have rallied themselves in support of Nine Arts Dragon. In the name of Nine Arts Dragon, many martial artists have started to come out openly and wreak havoc with disdain for the Alliance.

    With the fame of Nine Arts Dragon spreading, many people are taking up the title "disciple of Nine Arts Dragon." Ideologically, they might be disciples. This has proven problematic for Shioon as the name of his master is being used without much regard.

    With a renewed passion, Shioon seeks to regain what he lost as he tries to clean his master's name.

    Characters: 8

    This time Shioon is the main protagonist. Though the plot this time around is focused on him and his involvement with the Murims, the presence of Nine Arts Dragon still lingers. As the disciple of Nine Arts Dragon, Shioon is ever being dragged deeper into the Murim world.

    Due to this, the other characters that are introduced in the continuation of "The Breaker" are centered around Shioon's re-development as a murim. Since his master is notorious, he has also garnered the attention of many either for the good or worse.

    Theme: 8

    If "The Breaker" was about destruction of the old order, "The Breaker: New Waves" is about the appearance of a new world. Things are in the chaotic stage where order must be founded. The establishments of the old order are decaying. Those that survive the purge will live on to establish order and hopefully a better world.

    Originality: 8

    "The Breaker: New Waves" presents an interesting dilemma. The ideologies of the beloved student and esteemed master might clash as the Murim world is on the brink of utter collapse. Society and the isolated Murim world will once again collide.

    Overall: 10

    I would recommend this to those that enjoyed reading "The Breaker: New Waves" and those that like martial arts, action and fighting manwha.

    Spoiler: Scenes from Chapter 1 show
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