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Thread: Raruto Sisepuede Chapter 13

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    Raruto Sisepuede Chapter 13

    I think leecherboy would have loved to translate this chapter... But oh well, that's life.

    So, after only a few hours of rest, Saske goes to try and kill Ichachi... And then what? Read it and enjoy

    Oh, also, this chapter was released in Spanish just 9 hours before the earthquake in Japan... So try not to crack up too hard, just in case

    Edit: Release updated in September 2013.

    Next chapter will be chapter 50 of Raruto altogether, as well as the finale of season 2 of Sisepuede... And I'll have some free time those days, so next chapter will be out just one week after it's released in Spanish!
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    Currently translating Raruto, a Spanish parody of Naruto (getting ready for the last two chapters, to be released in English in October and November). Check it out here!

    Also working on another project that you might get to see in January...

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    Re: Raruto Sisepuede Chapter 13

    Big THX! XD

    Man, I read it now and.. WOW.. frankly speaking recent chapters had only a few moments of fun for me, BUT this chapter made me laugh so good time.. WOW.. freakin' awesome. I thought so that jesulink would parody genjutsu battle in such a way <I mean, the usage of that > xDXD
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